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Newly founded cities dying of famine

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  • JohnGalt137
    The AI entity wonder would solve your problem, save each turn and reload if the entity revolts (though you'll have to do something random so that it resets the random number generator). Otherwise I believe if you go to the governments file in the data folder you can change the max number of cities.

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  • BookemDanno
    started a topic Newly founded cities dying of famine

    Newly founded cities dying of famine

    Hi, in Single Player, I'm trying to work around the government city limit by rush buying a mind controller on the turn i build the city. I'm over the city limit, and for many of these new cities I get 2 messages, the first saying there is rioting, and the second saying the city was destroyed by famine. I just want to have a nice relaxing time borging the planet. Is there a way around this problem? I would be willing to change the game rules as a last resort, but would prefer playing the vanilla version. Thanks.