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  • Forever Future 1.7 PBEM game

    EDIT: Detailed reports, writefaggotry and whatnots start at Pg. 6. Go there for having a good read!

    As the host, I welcome you to the PBEM game of CTP with the Forever Future Mod, version 1.7!
    We have 4 players so far, the game is still open.
    The 1.7 version of the mod can be downloaded from the Apolyton site.

    Here I will lay out the rules. If anyone disagrees, please do so before we start.

    Title of the game: Fire and Ice
    Starting date: 24th August

    Game settings:
    Map size: Normal (equal to Huge from the vanilla game), Earth-shaped world
    Difficulty: Deity, Raging Hordes, Pollution on, Bloodlust off
    Civs: 8 (human and AI players)
    Terrain settings: 100% Dry, 100% Cold, 80% Ocean, 70% Continent, 70% Diverse, 70% Goods

    Randomly determined player order (the last human player always takes the 8th slot, the one before the last takes the 7th etc):
    1.Me, as the host
    - Any new people will take subsequent places on the first come, first served basis.

    Honorary system rules:
    1. No re-playing any turns.
    2. No changing the produced item after rush-buying.
    3. No exploiting the bug where you can build unlimited settlers/militias in any city that had one citizen + any slaves.
    4. If anyone is killed off/forced to quit due to ignoring the early barbarian threat, the game is re-launched with a new player order, and the offender waits 5 starting turns doing nothing.
    5. Oh, and obviously, no opening of the other players turns before the game is over.

    Role-playing and posting creative stuff on this thread is encouraged

    My contact data:
    Skype name: max_smirnov_78
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    Naturally, I'm in! And I support all these rules.
    My personal data will be sent to Max, since I don't want random bots bothering me on Skype :P


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      I'm in and I agree to these rules (Again I'm 8th :P)My contact data - eerion@gmail.comSkype - eerion
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        Oh - by the way.
        Is there a chance to start on 27th instead of 24th?
        Because there's a big convention in my city from 23th to 26th of August.
        And I'll be kinda off. So we wouldn't do many turns anyway. And this way noone will get annoyed due to slow start.
        And I have birthday on 27th!


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          27th it is, then. I'm assuming everyone else is happy with the arrangements.
          Oh, and my birthday is on the 23rd by the way


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            Another important thing. Since I'm the host, I need to know who is playing what. Dibs so far:
            Solar: France
            Eerion: Japan
            Me: Egypt
            We can also vote on the AI civs, or you may leave picking them in my capable hands


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              May I join You?

              Civ: Rome

              Mail: ""

              Skype: nawias_x_nawias


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                Ah, you must be that friend of Solar he told me about.
                Place 5, Rome it is.


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                  I agree to the rules, I'd like to play the Celts, and my birthday isn't until February (Happy BD to those of you celebrating this month!)

                  brucemacdonald atsign aol dot com


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                    Guys, I have a new machine and I can't get the saves to open at double-click - clicking a save causes the game to load the main menu.

                    I ran the csg_auto_file.reg file, but it didn't work.

                    Anyone can point me to the thread where it was explained in details? I can't find it!


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                      Post #24 by Ricketyclik

                      Be sure to modify the file with all the proper paths before running it!


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                        Thanks. Unfortunately, I didn't get far with this, but I'll keep trying. I can always use my laptop instead, where it always works perfectly


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                          Okay people, I really hate to do this, but I'd like to introduce another improvement to the mod.
                          I'd like to reduce Huscarl's Attack value from 3 to 2 (to make him less overpowering, and cheaper at the same time), and increase his movement from 1 to 2 (so he's more viable as an actual marine troop - you'll be able to land your Huscarls and assault in the same turn, provided you're landing on flat terrain). Because as of now, Huscarls are your mainstay Classical Age assaulters first and foremost, which feels very wrong.
                          So, should I go ahead and make this fix, or is it already too late at this point?


                          • #14
                            I'd say go and fix. I also want to start ASAP, but I think it'd be reasonable to include such a sensible update first.


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                              Well, it's already too late, we're starting tomorrow. So no fixes this time.

                              Here is the final civilization / player list:

                              #1 (blue) - AI - Persians
                              #2 (orange) - AI - Indians
                              #3 (green) - AI - Russians
                              #4 (pink) - Max Smirnov - Egyptians
                              #5 (purple) - Solarius Scorch - French people
                              #6 (teal) - Cuaich - Celts
                              #7 (burgundy) - Eerion - Japanese
                              #8 (brown) - Mr. (x) - Romans

                              Let's have a good game!