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    I found this on freeciv-dev:

    "Jason Short" writes:
    > You know that you can have a client watch the AI player directly?
    > ./civ -a -n foo & ./ser
    > /aitoggle foo
    > /start

    in detail (watch one ai in ai vs ai):
    - civserver
    - server command: "create badguy"
    - civclient -a -n goodguy
    - server command: "aitoggle goodguy"
    - server command: "start"

    You can extend this to watch the 2nd (or more) ai (i.e. on different
    computers in a network).

    This will be pretty fast though. So if you really want to study the
    AI, you need a delay or similar option (like specifying certain "pause"
    events, i.e. a city production is changed, or a unit is fighting...).
    How can I do this?

    IMHO this (along with the answer to my question) should go into
    the FAQ and/or user documentation.


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    There is no pause events, but you can set unit moves to be slower in the client options dialog.

    If you run the CVS code, you can also use the new 'debug' command in the server to get more information about what units, cities and players are doing.


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