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Yawn...!!! (stretch!)

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  • Yawn...!!! (stretch!)

    Has anything happened during my Rip Van Winkle-like slumber?

    ...seems like the cobwebs have grown over the last year...

    anybody there (anbody there (((echo))) )??!
    click below for work in progress Clash graphics...
    clicaibh sios airson tairgnain neo-chriochnaichte dhe Clash...

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    Hi yellowdaddy, good to hear from you again. I'd been hoping that things being a little bit dead around here wouldn't show.

    In a nutshell, I decided that I needed much more RL at the expense of Clash. The coding had pretty much died down to only Laurent at that point. He kept plugging away and accomplishing quite a lot, but eventually got a new job where he didn't have time to work on Clash. A bit before that I had gotten a bit addicted to CIV, and took a long break Playing games rather than trying to design them.

    I think that we are at a point where a few part-time coders and artists could produce enough new stuff to re-kindle interest in Clash, and start things moving forward again. Hopefully that will happen. I'm certainly happy to participate in an advisory and knowledge-transfer fashion. However, I'm enjoying my RL too much to go back to the tens of hours a week I was spending on Clash at its peak in team participation and game progress.

    Best regards,

    Project Lead for The Clash of Civilizations
    A Unique civ-like game that will feature low micromanagement, great AI, and a Detailed Government model including internal power struggles. Demo 8 available Now! (go to D8 thread at top of forum).
    Check it out at the Clash Web Site and Forum right here at Apolyton!