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E-CIV, the best PBEM civilization

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  • E-CIV, the best PBEM civilization

    I have playing in Civilization-like game since 1991 year and is mastered in Civ1-2-3, Alpha Centauri, CivCTP. But I don't see the deep multiplayer abilities here.

    To say more strictly I even don't see the progress of commercial civ-like games. They are too simplified for feeding the wide masses of consumers, not for hard-core strategic players.

    So when in 1999 year I found the PBEM version of Civilization, E-Civ, I was very sceptic. But the time is completely change my mind.

    The game have unique economic and military model; one of the most impressive features is the correllation of almost all aspects in the game. You RULE the empire in the world of real players.

    I suggest the real strategic players try this beatiful but very hard game.

    The E-CIV based standard PBEM principles - client program for viewing the current turn and making orders, and server program for turn processing. So no single play, sorry.

    If you are interested, visit the official game site.
    Or ask here.

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    The client program have too old graphics but it is no important for strategic games.

    Look at the science implementation of the game. It is Civilopedia screen laying over the main game screen.

    For more screenshots visit the official game site or ask me.

    In the russian-languaged version of this site there are many of these screenshots but our webmaster is too lazy to move them to the english site.

    And wow, see the Link section of official site. This page is not changed since 1999!
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      Looks interesting, unfortunately, I can't play by e-mail (can't be sure to get 3 turns a week - actually, almsot sure I couldn't).
      Clash of Civilization team member
      (a civ-like game whose goal is low micromanagement and good AI)
      web site and forum here on apolyton)


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        There are some series of games than have 2 or even 1 turn per week.

        The very first game in E-Civ is Wait2 that have 2 turns per week schedule. Then you can choose game with slow turn processing: Team or so with 2 turns and Lazy that always is 1 turn per week.


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          This summer the work for re-mastering of E-Civ is started; some people works for Server program, another group works for Client program. All code is completely remastered.

          We need programmers and game designers. It is enthusiastic project, so no commercial reason for involved people, just fun and people happiness are the regards.


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            Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but what game designers actualy does?
            The Chuck Norris military unit was not used in the game Civilization 4, because a single Chuck Norris could defeat the entire combined nations of the world in one turn.
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              The current game design is performed by single person that was also the programmer of server and client program.
              The game design (not in the graphics part) is BETTER than you even met. The graphics use the primitives of Civ2 so it is obsolete indeed.

              Right now the process of re-design is performed. But prsonally I'm not sure that we NEED the remodelling of graphics - it is ENOUGHT to play. If you want to see beatiful graphics and slo-mo you should play MaxPayne of MatrixReloaded or other bullshit for dummies. But if you are the real strategy player you will be satisfied with the current representation of game.


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                Heh, since my last post the long time passes, and the new client program is designed now. Also great game improvements have been implemented, like the linear depending of battle parameters of units depending of level of experience; new implementation of road and irrigation mechanism (depending of terrain), and many others small features...


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                  Is this still active, then? The site you linked to in the first post - in 2003 - doesn't have any updates or new games since August of 2003.

                  I remember filling out the little application and downloading the client when you first posted about it and nothing ever happened.

                  It looks interesting, and I'd love to play a game with scheduled turns and lots of players, but haven't figured out how e-Civ works - if it still is working.

                  Thanks for any info.


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                    Nice to see the answers in my old topic.

                    The game not just active but developing with good pace. The new client program is in the last stage of development - it is now in pre-beta state. Large changes in game mechanics are introduced (e.g. complex dependence of unit experience and speed to the Attack and Defence parameters of units; the production of roads and irrigations now depends on terain types and so one).

                    You never recieve the answer to the game subscription? Hmm. Possible the GM has been in lazy mode. You can fill the form here:

                    This site is forgotten (at least english part of it ) but it is official site of game. The number of non-languaged players in our game is quite low because main communication between players is performed by russian e-mail subscription. You can subscribe to the [email protected] group to revive our international community. I have good friend in Hispania who is subscried also.

                    This is screen of our new client:
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                      man ...nostalgia

                      I was looking at this and remembering my first go at CIVII on Playstation..that was what hooked me

                      Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                        Hello, Hommer! Do you remember old poor Yorick?

                        I salute your selfless devotion in advancing of E-civ.

                        I am sure: most of Apolyton's citizen NEVER read the Rules of E-civ. I read it TENS times, from beginning to end, and every time enjoy its reasoning, profundity, laconic brevity & strategical comprehensiveness.

                        For examle: I don't meet such espionage in other civ-like games.

                        Good luck, Hommer!