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  • Morgan Industries, Corporate Portfolio

    Initial Public Offering of Controlling Stock (49%)
    Morgan Industries

    Comlink frequency34.9

    Nwabudike Morgan, CEO, Chairman-elect
    Carper Reilly, COO, CFO, CIO

    Topsheet Financials
    Energy Credits (EC) in reserve: 111 individual-years*
    Annual estimated gross income: 1EC

    *Current battery technologies do not presume storage beyond a few kWh. Available electricity production in the Morgan-controlled escape pod could provide energy for approximately 100 people per year (hence "individual-years"). Additional spending power is generated thru rudimentary saving and lending mechanisms coupled with the innate and, in our current situation, practical impulse to front load expenditures of assets.

    Capital Assets
    1 Unity Escape Pod (serial U.N.S. E-5)
    15 hand weapons
    2 tonnes appox. useful minerals

    Company Overview
    The entrepreneurial know-how that brought us everything from the impact wrench to the thermal dampeners of the erstwhile Unity core power unit, Mr. Nwabudike Morgan, invites the Earth's colonists to invest in his newest venture, Morgan Industries. This limited liability company offers everyone a chance to start afresh on a new world.

    Chiron is truly terra nova. Whatever her resources may be, they have been utterly untapped -- until now. We, the last known vestiges of humanity, can begin again by pooling our own resources, our knowledge, our hard work, even our faith. Together there is nothing we can't achieve.

    Others will sell you a lot, on principle. But where have our principles gotten us? Now, here in this toxic place, we can establish civilization and build it bigger, better, and stronger than it ever was. America wasn't built in a day but it was built from scratch.

    Don't pass up this literally once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Invest in Morgan's first offering of controlling stock ownership and be part of humanity's next chapter from the get-go.


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    Planetyear 2102.58.003
    ContactQuintana al-Farahidi

    Scouts Locate Evidence of Aliens
    'Monolith' exhibits remarkable technology, defies explanation

    COORD. 22,30 Scouts dispatched from Morgan Industry's main base discovered what they are calling a 'monolith.' The structure is clearly not natural, but also not human made.

    This evidence implies that aliens have been -- or currently are -- on Chiron.

    "This is amazing, absolutely stunning!" exclaimed CEO Morgan upon first sight of the unique relic. He then quickly set about suggesting plans to make the site available to all colonists, motioning with his arms and saying "Everyone should see this. Lets get a queue set up over here."

    "Certainly, this is a unique business opportunity," Morgan Industries COO Carper Reilly said in a statement. "Already, reports of pilgrimages are occurring. A security and transportation infrastructure will need to be installed in the vicinity and we believe strongly that this will be Morgan's first big test as a company."

    Spirits were high around company headquarters, still located in the distended shell of the escape pod. The firm already employs several interpretive scientists and further contracts are expected for what can only be called 'xenohistorians.'

    Rhianna Chau-MacAlbert, a mining technician at headquarters, was especially hopeful. "To think, we all figured we'd be dead within a month. Now we're finding proof we're not alone in the world. We've come a long way."



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      Worms kill

    • Planetyear 2115.02.894
      ContactSammy Takehara

      Security Personnel Reported Dead
      Terrible 'planetworms' are to blame

      NORTHEAST RIDGE Com messages are all that remain after a security detail made contact with native lifeforms sometime last evening.

      Security personnel are tracked continuously by headquarters, Morgan Industries COO Carper Reilly said, "but they were too far afield so rescue forces were not able to assist."

      The bodies of the employees have not yet been recovered and their names have not been released, pending notification of their next of kin.

      "It is disheartening," CEO Morgan commented ruefully. "But we cannot lose sight of what is happening here. For all we know, we are the last humans in existence. We must find a way to beat these menaces!"

      The native life has for the most part been docile and benign, consisting mostly of innocuous, if useless, fungus that covers much of the ground surrounding headquarters.

      But reports of worm-like creatures that live in the fungus-infested areas have increased in frequency of late. While descriptions vary, few who have seen the creatures have returned without being visibly shaken. Some have required psych therapy.

      "I can't -- I can't talk about it," was all Thurston Doug could say after watching the worms devour a flutterdragon, an insect-like native creature that some colonists have taken in as pets. "The mindworms are evil," he said, using a common name for the species.

      Psych chaplains are on-call at all hours through the company Employee Assistance Program at comlink 34.12.8000. If worms are sighted, report them immediately to Security Command at comlink 34.10.1000.



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      • Date:2120.45.049
        Re:Envoy to Miriam

        Thompson, the envoy sent to meet Miriam's representatives at New Jerusalem, has reported to me that the Church of the Lord's Believers is ready to negotiate favorable contracts with Morgan Industries.

        While I maintain apprehension over her long-term motives, the Church's financial and operational situation is at least as bad as ours. They don't seem to have accrued much in the way of capital, besides some rather large and wasteful cathedral-like buildings using native clays.

        Still, that her followers would spend their time building such things testifies to their conviction.

        We have reason to believe that the laser equipment they salvaged from the Unity is superior to what we have. Gaining access to those lasers should be a first priority.

        The front desk will patch you thru to Miriam's comlink when you're ready.



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          20th Anniversary

          Annual Report
          Morgan Industries


          Message from the CEO

          It is hard to believe that twenty years have passed since planetfall, but our synchronized ion clocks don't lie.

          Morgan Industries has done much to advance humanity's survival here on Chiron. We continue our efforts to subdue the hostile planetworms on the Uranium Flats and along the Northeast Slope. The work is difficult, but the investment will pay off in spades when new franchises are opened in these areas.

          Speaking of new franchises, do be sure to visit the netpage for Morgan's newest venture, Morgan Bank. The offices are located to the south of headquarters in a coastal area with good agricultural potential. Morgan Bank will soon become the premier financial services firm on the planet.

          And our world is growing every day. Not only does the company enjoy a profitable relationship with the Church of the Lord's Believers, we also hear chatter on the frequencies daily. We are confident that others survived the planetfall and we are looking forward to serving these new customers. To that end, extensive exploration of the northern seas and islands must be a top priority.

          There remains some concerns about social arrangements, especially in regard to Sister Miriam Godwinson's recent sermons. Let me assure the good Sister as well the hundreds of Morgan employees and their families that this firm will never interfere in the private worship of its personnel. Likewise, the firm will also not permit inappropriate interference in official business by non-stockholders.

          Such difficulties are fleeting in the face of Morgan's accomplishments, of course. Although the nominal amounts may seem minimal, during this last cycle the company doubled its income and increased energy input to core research hardware by 45%. We are now crunching hard data faster than ever before and such economic vitality, in real terms, hasn't been experienced by human beings since the late 20th Century.

          All Morgan employees should be proud of those accomplishments, because they would not be possible without them. From energy accountants to algae farmers, the success of the Morgan companies depends on the men and women who call them home. My thanks to all of you!

          There's more to do. The aforementioned expansion to the northeast is next, and to do this we will need extensive new infrastructure including roads and sensor outposts. Now is the time to invest and invest aggressively. The future is ours for the taking!

          Sincerest regards,

          Nwabudike Morgan /signed/
          Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board


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            Username: BuddyMorgan4
            Password: *********

            She's hiding her. That scheming wench! Deidre's camped just to the south and she won't tell me.

            I suppose lying isn't a sin in her church.



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              Commlink XX

              Redfrog's Unauthorized Blogcast on the Mystery Freq!!

              Yo, you heard the latest yarn they be spinnin at the chembar, mon?

              "How many ECs done Buddy paid to build his MercEx?"
              "Dunno, but he's got more accountants 'an drones!"

              Yeah, not the best ripper e'er been told, but we jus startin out on planet.

              Word on the comms is Buddy wheezed up 500EC to finish 'at masserpiece, an' half o' that done went to bribes! Your dividends, brothers and sisters.

              But not to worry, Buddy sez. His MercNet gonna bring in the salesfolk from all around planet. Y'know, jus like his mechanical bees an' the solar powered jetpack...

              But shucks, yo' Faithful Correspondent gonna give Buddy and Old Man Reilly a li'l credit where it be due: no more products is Morgan gonna sell, but IDEAS. Come sell an' buy whate'er y'all want at the MercEx - Morgan don't mind! Wanna sell Conclave Bibles to Gaian Seekers? Go for it. Wanna buy stunsticks from Hive Outcasts? Why not, they ain't ne'er been used! Yessiree, this MercEx could be the ticket.

              Now what IDEAS got Buddy bout those mindworms up Nor'east?
              Planetyear 2159.23.005 Comments Share


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                This transcript has not yet been cleared for release. Coordinate with the Office of Communications and Chief Editor before external use.

                ANNIE: What?

                PRODUCER: [Inaudible.]

                ANNIE: No. Oh holy Spirit.

                PRODUCER: You're on in five, Annie.

                ANNIE: Holy God. Holy Savior.

                PRODUCER: Three. Two.

                [Intro theme]

                ANNOUNCER: Now, the 1800 Hours News, with Sayeed Jonesy at the market desk, Yafira Wu with sports and your host Annie Arcwelder.

                [Two second pause. PRODUCER mutters, unintelligible to mic.]

                ANNIE: Uh, good evening. Early reports from, um, Sec-- Security Command suggest-- suggest that the base of operations for Morgan Mines has been-- eliminated-- mindworms--

                SAYEED: Annie, I understand these reports are very preliminary, correct?


                SAYEED: Our last financial transmission from Mines showed good 3rd quarter numbers--

                ANNIE: This is not a doctored recap. This is a raw-- a raw communication. Fighting went on through the night. We know the base had had bad times with worms in the past, but the-- this barrage was bigger. I'm reading this directly-- More worms than ever before. Physical defenses could not withstand. Few survivors-- facilities are totally unsalvageable. Approximately thirty-- thirty-five thousand employees worked at Mines, I think. Can we-- Marge, do we have that somewhere?


                ANNIE: I apologize to the watchers-- this is off-protocol. Security Command is reporting that the Morgan Mines base has been totally overrun by mind-- planetworms. We don't have reports of how many survived, only that it was few. Some watcher-reporters have seen defensive perimeters go up around Headquarters. This is all developing and I repeat: it is not a recap. This is direct off the comm.

                PRODUCER: [Off camera, inaudible.]

                ANNIE: Yes. Okay-- Watchers, I'm afraid we have to take a brief break. We'll have more for you when we return.




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                  Don't stop writing this! This, the verisimilitude, it is AMAZING


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                    keep it coming, Packherd!
           * Alpha Centauri players group * IRC channel #smac


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                      2213 Annual Report

                      Annual Report
                      Morgan Industries


                      Message from the CEO

                      To the Stockholders:

                      This Annual Report is released under tenuous circumstances -- all of us at headquarters realize this fact. It has been nearly thirty years since the Mining Division incident and to some it seems the Company has never quite gotten back from that tragedy. Our situation has improved markedly, and I intend this report to highlight those improvements, but I do not want anyone, not our customers and certainly not you, our owners, from mistaking these words as whitewashing. There is more to do. There will always be more to do.

                      The reestablishment of the Mining Division, exploiting more lucrative fields in the Uranium Flats, was my first priority after the incident. I am happy and even proud to say that after operating for twelve planetyears, the Mining Division has become our second most profitable enterprise (after the hugely successful MercEx, of course). Credit goes to the managers and technicians who wrestle every day with Planet's unforgiving climate to win another EC of productivity from this obdurate world.

                      But the raw numbers: according to the latest fiducial intelligence, we are vastly outperforming the Hive, managed by Chairman Shen-ji Yang. Controlling for known accounting inaccuracies, we are confident that our Company is beating the Hive in every product category. Morgan-made synthmetal sheeting is the construction material of choice across Planet. Consultants from the Bank Division are in every major base on Planet, ensuring not only our dominance in the financial sector but the vigor the Planet's nascent economy. Even the fantastic growth of the Church of the Lord's Believers comes in part thanks to the diligence of our Psypublishing Services branch. We are ever pleased to be a partner in the Church's development.

                      It would be remiss of me, however, not to mention the pleasant news from the Holdings Division. The offices for the operation are located near the Mines Memorial. Acknowledged controversy notwithstanding, I feel it is quite appropriate that a segment of the Company which will play an important role in leading us towards our future prosperity should inhabit such a hallowed space. The Holdings Division will specialize in efficiency development and external positioning.

                      Nonetheless, I am certain that some of you reading this have already skimmed to the bottom and taken note of Mr. Reilly's signature. This, too, is evidence of Morgan Industry's resurgence. My focus must be on our customers, our workers, and you, so my position as CEO should take precedence. I am confident that the rechartered Board, under Mr. Reilly's interim guidance, will shortly select a competent Chairman to govern our efforts.

                      For it is that, excellent governance, that we most desperately require. We will have it and we will prosper, friends. Mankind will indeed prosper once again.

                      Good wishes,

                      Nwabudike Morgan /signed/
                      Chief Executive Officer

                      witnessed, Carper Reilly /signed/
                      Acting Chairman of the Board


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                        Believing Boardmembers


                      • Date:2213.78.544
                        Bcc:Sangoma Enid
                        Re:Quick update & misc.


                        You already know the motive behind this correspondence. I'm sure you're diligently drafting your letter for the Annual Report. The Board, as always, is grateful for your hard work and dedication to the Company.

                        The Board's latest additions are accommodating themselves to the body's culture quite better than the unregulated netcasters would have the public believe. Mr. Chattanooga, in particular, has taken great interest in learning more about you. I have explained to him that you're not too keen on proselytizing, and I think he gets it. I'd recommend you have brunch with him some time.

                        While they certainly are a minority, the Believing Boardmembers have shared heartfelt concerns about your well-being. They are after all investors and your health is all of our business. The doctors assure me that the life-extending attributes of Planet's nitrogen-rich environment are no substitute for a proper regeneration regimen. And please try to avoid the privacy suite at the casino, or at least, let your bodyguards do their jobs and keep it, well, private. I'm sure you don't want to give the Communications Department any more sleepless nights!

                        I hope you won't interpret this as as anything more than what it is: a sincere plea for your continued involvement in this endeavor. We - the Company, the Board, the Stakeholder Councils - we all are YOU. It was you that led us out from that capsule, not anyone else. It was your humane vision that gave us not just freedom but vitality! Humanity does not need permission, you said to me once, to be human.

                        We are living, breathing proof that you were right. We haven't given up on you. Please don't give up on us.

                        Warmest thoughts,


                        P.s.: Caitlin extends her fondest thoughts as well. Her studies at the University are progressing to our satisfaction. The Provost does not give the students much time off between semesters, but she remembers you fondly and looks forward to seeing her Uncle Buddy the next time she's home.


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                          This action cannot be undone.

                          [Yes] [No]

                        • Date:2213.78.619
                          Cc:Directory of Security, Director of HR, Director of Communications
                          Re:Re: Quick update & misc.


                          I can't do this anymore. I know what's happening and I know it's been going on for years now, maybe decades even. You're right that this company is MY vision and it's being hijacked by those biblethumping bastards. I don't need some muckraker behind seven proxies to convince me of that. This is my goddamned company! If I can't be able to know what's happening in it, then I haven't any business being here.

                          So there you have it. My resignation. I'll have the NetAdmin synch it up officially in the morning. Do what you must. I'm sorry, but this has become untenable. I know you agree with me. We've been thru so much together. Those 'sangoma' priestesses, or whatever they call themselves, don't understand men like us. They never will.

                          Nonetheless, it does my heart well to hear about Caitlin. I do miss her, too, and I can't wait to see h


                          Re:Quick update & misc.


                          You already know the motive behind this correspondence. I'm sure you're diligently
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                            War Report


                            Echelon News Houre with Sayeed Jonesy 2252.48.100

                            SAYEED: [Laugh] Those were some adorable crechemates, huh? Well, we transition now to a, uh, more serious topic. Rebekah Oyo has been embedded with the 18th Special Exploratory Force on Deianira for over two years. They've just returned home, as has Rebekah, and she files this report.

                            [Clip of probe team member disembarking transit foil, embracing a man and two children. The team member is visibly shaken, tears flowing from her non-cyber eye.]

                            REBEKAH: These are tears of unmeasurable happiness, to be back on solid ground in the arms of loved ones. But they are also tears of a knowing sadness, disappointment for lost comrades.

                            [Clip of SpecEx forces firing immolation rounds at unseen targets.]

                            REBEKAH: Just a few weeks before, this had been her home, the Isle of Deianira, almost a thousand kilometers from home, the nearest corporate base a week's foilride away.

                            Cpl. AJAY RON: We knew it was a dangerous mission going in, no doubt about it.

                            REBEKAH: Do you feel you were properly prepared?

                            RON: [pause] Yes. I mean, how could we prepare for... that?

                            [Clip of captive mindworm in psi stasis chamber, held by a researcher.]

                            REBEKAH: These tiny nightmares - early reports called them 'planetworms,' belying the source of their terror - have been a recurring nuisance to security experts at headquarters. On the continent, they seem to have become dormant or at least not as unpredictable. But on Deianira, there are to sensor outposts and no fungicide. Crews sent to investigate the great island's resources were completely exposed.

                            REBEKAH: Sir, on 34.228 a series of five waves of mindworms attacked the 18th. Is it true SecCom had no awareness of the worm activity on Deianira before that time?

                            RIG ZACHARY, SecCom Public Liaison: That's correct, Rebekah. The 18th had recently surveyed the western peninsula of Deianira without incident.

                            REBEKAH: But there was fungus present?

                            ZACHARY: Not at any level more elevated than probe team's are used to.

                            REBEKAH: But this was on Deianira, sir. They had no refuge, and SecCom knew that.

                            ZACHARY: [silent]

                            [Clip of Believing infantry marching on deployment parade grounds.]

                            REBEKAH: Managers remind us of the overall strategic importance of Deianira and the importance of the intel the 18th and other expeditionary staff have gathered. Going on 30 planetyears now, the Believing War Against Extremism seems to have no end. Notwithstanding occasional skirmishes between Hive attack foils and corporate transports, Morgan Industry's contribution to the war has largely been in technology - and, of course, ECs. As Believing strategists continue their plans to invade extremist strongholds, including the Hive, Sparta and even the Gaian encampment at Last Rose of Summer, workers at headquarters express concerns.

                            YO'DEETH REED, Headquarters Association for Openness: What's next, we're going to declare the United Nations an 'extremist organization' and put a bounty on Commissioner Lal's head? Our organization, and others like ours, aren't suggesting that true extremists like Deidre Skye shouldn't be brought to justice, but just twenty years ago, Yang was a 'business cooperator' with Morgan Industries. There are pictures of Reilly shaking his hand in his underground palace.

                            [Still holopic of then COO Carper Reilly greeting Chairman Shen-ji Yang at a conference during the late 2100s.]

                            REBEKAH: The war continues, nonetheless, and market analysts expect the company to announce expansion to Deianira in the next few years.

                            SAYEED: Thank you for that report, Rebekah. Now, to the latest news from the Continental Psychess League playoffs being held at New Jerusalem.



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                              And here it must end...

                              First, a big thanks to everyone who followed this story. I started on a whim, just an attempt to make real the internal storytelling that made most every game of Alpha Centauri I played really engaging.

                              This story was based on a current game, so the events were not of my choosing, just of my interpretation. That game was on an old Mac laptop, which is now in the hands of a friend who needed a cheap computer, so this story, therefore, has to end.

                              I haven't gotten around to getting Alpha Centauri on my new Mac yet (OS 10.6.3), but when I do, I'm sure I'll get to writing again soon.


                              • Working...