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Tocatta, Adagio and Fugue

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  • Tocatta, Adagio and Fugue

    Morgan Industries, MY 2307

    The soft stains of J.S. Bach’s Tocatta, Adagio and Fugue played, and its intricate melodies reverberated perfectly among the polished granite and gild halls of Director Morgan’s darkened office. A flood of light entered the room from the window wall, the careless cast off energy from the strident towers of Morgan Industries. As far as the eye could see brash towers stretched to the sky, offering a challenge of discordant voices to the peaceful heavens.

    Director Morgan stood in front of the window wall. The light of his city washed over him, illuminating his dark face, steel gray hair, and flawlessly tailored navy suit. Behind him all was darkness, but he did not see that – he was facing the light, and shunned the darkness. The beautiful ancient music came from the darkness. He heard and savored it but he did not turn toward it. He looked into the radiance. And he embraced it.

    A faint smile graced his face, eager and expectant. For the first time in decades Morgan was not fully engaged and he turned his entire being to drinking in this grand vista. He could not say there was nothing to do, far from it. The Morganite economy was on a geometric progression and was achieving astounding increases in production. The other factions had long since ceased to be relevant.

    Outside the entire Morganite continent throbbed with unbridled power. It was an empire for which the sun never set, and not for the reason one might imagine. Indeed, technological progress had made the idea of a ‘sun’ obsolete. First energy and matter were interchangeable. Now consciousness and people were interchangeable. Some of the brightest minds were choosing a netherworld, another state of existence.

    That did not threaten Morgan, for he knew in his heart that it was the next step in human evolution. He even knew that this odd planet Chiron, the adopted home of humanity, had played a significant part in unlocking the secrets of the human mind, for it was in fact an alien consciousness. In decades past the Voice of this consciousness had been disturbing with its silky siren call, calling him to join with it, calling, calling….

    Morgan resolved not to hear its call. His humanity had another destiny. There would be no merging and becoming one with Chiron. No, that was not to be.

    Morgan smiled. His vision was much grander. He would reach out his hand one day soon and pluck the stars and make them his playthings.

    Then Chiron could join him!