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  • gwillybj
    Please forgive the lengthy wait for a reply. I don't come here often. I can't help you with Q1 or Q2, but

    Q3: open alpha.txt; scroll down to The Empath Guild under #FACILITIES; change "CentEmp" to "Disable"; save and close.

    Q4: open alpha.txt; find the line: "100, ; Technology discovery rate as a percentage of standard"; change the 100 to anything from 50 to 30; save and close.
    I've played with this value a lot, and things go painfully slow if it is below 30 and you use tech stagnation. I use 360x180 maps, tech stagnation, and 50% research rate. I don't use blind research.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Xenomorph23
    started a topic Single Player Map Creation Questions

    Single Player Map Creation Questions

    I've been fiddling around with the map creator for a few weeks now, but I have been having some issues regarding the gameplay. I was wondering if you wonderful people here might be able to offer some insight to what I'm doing wrong or missing here. I'll preface with I've been using the SMAC academy scenario editor write up for my questions so far. I have the GOG version of the game, playing the original SMAC.

    1) I'll build a map/scenario using the steps listed in the guide, but when I do there are no longer the "first base facility built" or "first secret project" or "first naval vessel" monument pop ups that I get with the random game generator. The planet story-line also fails to come up, for example when you get your first base attack from mind-worms, or the first fungal bloom. Is there a way to bring that back? I kind of miss that sort of immersive content.

    2) When I am play testing I find that Morgan tends to lag behind. In an attempt to fix this, I enter the editor on the map, make the changes and then save a new scenario. When I do this the native life resets back to the start-game status. Is there a way to prevent this? Or is there a better way to give Morgan a buff so that he doesn't get stomped by the other factions?

    3) Is there a way to prevent the empath guild secret project from being used? Or delaying it? I would prefer that the factions use traditional methods to establish communications, and thus prevent early wars from breaking out on larger maps due to the distance.

    4) I tend to enjoy the long game, slowing down tech and using blind research. My goal is to prevent conflict until around after choppers and missiles are developed. What sort of ways do you use to prevent contact or extend the game? I have been using fungus walls and those seem to be doing alright. Are there better ways?

    I would really - Really - REALLY appreciate finding out the answers to some of these, particularly the first, It's starting to get me a little bit frustrated with the scenario editor.