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    Here I was just today, after playing SMAC (not so much SMAC-X) for about two years now, I got one!

    Year: 2264
    Difficulty: Librarian
    Faction: Spartans
    Might: Unsurpassed

    I usually play on Talent because I tend to want to play for fun, technically this isn't my kind of game so much but I got hooked on it regardless. This game I've kind of sat back and started building because I overtook the rest of the clowns because (likely) of my massive land mass and relentless growth (not typically my style), so I'm waiting for Fusion Reactors, Neural Grafting and Advanced Spaceflight (for Plasma Shard, 13-1-2*2 SAM Rovers are my favorite). The Believers are just to the north and are starting to attack -- I'll deal with them in a little bit once I get the stuff going. Don't worry they got whimpy Impact weaponry when I've got (some) Chaos troops deployed.

    I have the savegame (Mac) that where the asteroid strike will happen after the end of the turn, if anybody wants to see it . I also have many good saves for newbies, just ask (like one where I have an alien faction with everything ready to go to call in the mother fleet with Subspace Generators, in case you'd like to try it out).

    From Picture 1 down: #1 is near core empire with the Central Defense Network base (Sparta Command is the core); #2 is Southern Sector with the Garland Crater (some SPs there), #3 is the Eastern Sector (making trawlers to go harvest the Geothermal Shallows just to the south-east), #4 is the prompt that shows up, #5 is the area around the strike, #6 is both Craters in view. Couple of bases are going into riots from the -1 Energy for all this area. (I also have the Empath Guild, if need be)

    Click image for larger version

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    Yeah, the Asteroid can be a fun surprise, to be sure. I had one game where it hit my capital base with every Secret Project I had built. Since then, I don't double up anymore, and don't bother with projects that just increase a single base's income.


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      I remember we used to have one Base challenges. You would have nearly every single SP only to have the game essentially wiped by an Asteroid Event. good times....
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        I tried a OCC on Librarian, didn't turn out too well for me...I am not aware of the secrets behind it (am I supposed to be crawling like 70+ minerals after resource lifting?) and Yang promptly (started in near the Monsoon Jungle on Huge map of Planet) grew like a disease and voted himself Supreme Leader.


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          Here's late in the game. As I figured with Plasma Shard weaponry, you do get to keep it for quite awhile until much later you get Quantum Lasers. By then the UN had already been wiped out, the Believers and Morgans were ejected from Planet and the Hive was examining his last few bases. They were just three pixels high on the Faction Dominance scale.

          By far the best Librarian game I've had, and I don't play Librarian much, it's too hard (I play for pleasure, not challenge).

          Made the new asteroid strike'd base named in memory of Defiance Freehold. (I'm an empathetic leader who when he can, devotes energy to psych.)

          Click image for larger version

Name:	4jlvxx3p.jpg
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          Defiance Freehold Memory has rebounded as is one of my top mineral producing bases. The zero minerals consumed is a result of +4 Support. In the end game, I used this base to produce the Voice of Planet Secret Project (all the bases are making supply crawlers for that and the Ascent to Transcendence), and by bringing in 67 crawlers from the neighboring bases, completed the Transcendence SP in one turn. But as the transcendance project was to be finished the next turn, I wiped Deidre off the planet the the last few of the 13-1-1*2 Drop troopers I had around. I also had begun to corner the energy market in like 2363, and ended the game in about 2376. Deidre collapsed with the weight of at least 60 units of varied types invading her landspace, with plenty of 13-1-1*2 Amphibious and 13-1-2*2 SAM rovers.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	4g6l0kxe.jpg
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          Here's what you can get crawling the Geothermal Shallows...

          Click image for larger version

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          Anyways, yeah. Never had one before and probably won't have one again for a long time.
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