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VERY Simple base spacing question

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  • VERY Simple base spacing question

    I've come back to probably my favorite game of all time and I'm perusing old threads to relearn everything (I used to lurk extensively when the game was still new ). In regards to base spacing(like for instance in Vel's guide) when someone says apart or 3 apart, etc, do they mean two tiles between bases or two tiles away i.e. one intervening tile. Thanks!

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    What I usually do is take a unit and drag the movement line counting "1", "2" and "3" (or do it mentally), and where the 3 lands is where I build a base. This helps ensure that whenever you build a road between those two cities, an infantry unit can get from one of the cities to the other in a single turn, so as to reinforce the defenses. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think land based units take 1/3 of a turn to go through a tile with a road.

    It also seems to strike a good balance of number of tiles worked per each city.


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      The number of tiles worked by city will mainly depend on how big it is, or how many crawlers are assigned to work those tiles. So in an ICS layout, there are practical limitations on this.
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