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Questions regard the "two threads per day" rule

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    Originally posted by rah
    I'll take a shot at this, and Ming can correct me later.
    Two thread in the OT. But if you overdo it in the sports or history forum I'm sure you'll hear from us.

    If one gets deleted/closed, It depends on why it was deleted/closed, and then it's a mod's judgement call.
    Let's say you started a dup thread because the dup had an obscure title and you didn't notice. In most cases no one will care if you start another one.
    But if you start a thread that is against the rules, and it's deleted, that's your two for the day.
    Merged threads don't happen often but I'm sure the deleted guidelines would cover this case too.

    Heck one time someone created three and wasn't punished, but if you did it, i'm sure we'd notice and ban you for 2 weeks
    Rah, once again we thank you for your knowledgeable answer

    I reckon this one is now answered.

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      Originally posted by Grandpa Troll

      Perhaps I can answer PH, what is your question, for I shall clarify if possible
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        Posted an answer to both parts of your question sir, hope this helps you and many others

        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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          I think back before we had the two thread a day limit in the ot.
          I'd get in, in the morning to find the entire first page in the ot with just threads from one poster. Yeah, they all had merit

          Or multiple copy cat threads by the same poster.

          Then when you called them out on it, they'd say,
          'but it's not against the rules, what's your problem'

          Hence there is a rule against it. ANd I can pretty much guarentee that it's going to stay that way.
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            Well folks, while we all appreciate the feedback and input, our current stance on this subject is TWO THREADS PER DAY IN OT

            Thanks for all whom participated and thanks for the expedient Staff & Admin answer.

            Now question asked and question answered.

            Any further clarification, please PM me

            Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah