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    I know there was a debacle with transfering the AoM forums and site over here at Apolyton. That was supposed to happen a while ago. But there was an interim forum set up in the Hosted Sites category and now that is gone!

    What happened?

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    "Debacle" is a bit misleading.

    Markos is still investigating the process of transferring the threads from the existing, externally-hosted forum to the one here which still exists but is not visible... and is not being used until this transfer is complete. Hence, it is not practical keeping it listed on the forum index here in the interim.

    The delay is mostly in his ongoing busy schedule, but it's also complicated by the fact that we are looking at merging data from one message board to another that each use different software. Other options include having two forums -- one open and one closed -- and deleting one forum and keeping the other. The first is not a straight forward and the second is not an acceptable arrangement.

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      'Debacle' was a bit skewed. :P

      Sounds like a challenge trying to transfer the data over. Was surprised to see the forum gone from the list.