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should there be an old-timers council

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  • should there be an old-timers council

    whenever a change to Poly is considered, this council could vote as to whether or not this change should be allowed. kinda like the UN. a body that is real - but has no real power. We could rotate on the monthly basis as to who is the president of the council. any one vote could veto anything. think of the great things this council could make happen!

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    no one - and this is called the 'old timers' area??? sad. might as well call it the grave yard.


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      You need a fun silly proposal to get a response.
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        So Ming is the Security Council with veto authority over everything and the old timers would be the General Assembly with the power to express their views in a non-binding way? What a real world solution (and therefore would look good and accomplish nothing). Still...I kinda like the idea!
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          thank you.


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            i do think there is something here.


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              What sort of changes are you imagining?

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