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Recommendations for a good smartphone messaging app

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  • Recommendations for a good smartphone messaging app

    I've just changed phone plans and SMS's are a bit steep.

    Can anyone recommend a good messenging app that'll send texts from my existing number using only data - ie, no SMS charges from my carrier?

    Other wants are

    Light, simple interface

    Displays time message sent, not received

    Collects Facebook Messenger messages too. This is secondary.

    Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

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    There is one messenging app called Telegram.
    It has a simple interface, it is light and has no ads or payed features.
    Displays time message sent, not received.
    Also you can call to other Telegram users for free (only internet traffic consuption).
    But you can't write to non-telegram users and it can't colect Facebook messages.


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      I use mostly Viber and WhatsApp. I heard from som of my friends that Telegram is really cool, but I can't get used to it. There are even options to transfer money to your credit card via Telegram via MoneyTalk.
      Slack is also one of my favourite messaging app, but it is used mostly for corporate communication
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