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Recommendations for a good smartphone messaging app

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  • Recommendations for a good smartphone messaging app

    I've just changed phone plans and SMS's are a bit steep.

    Can anyone recommend a good messenging app that'll send texts from my existing number using only data - ie, no SMS charges from my carrier?

    Other wants are

    Light, simple interface

    Displays time message sent, not received

    Collects Facebook Messenger messages too. This is secondary.

    Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

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    There is one messenging app called Telegram.
    It has a simple interface, it is light and has no ads or payed features.
    Displays time message sent, not received.
    Also you can call to other Telegram users for free (only internet traffic consuption).
    But you can't write to non-telegram users and it can't colect Facebook messages.


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      I use mostly Viber and WhatsApp. I heard from som of my friends that Telegram is really cool, but I can't get used to it. There are even options to transfer money to your credit card via Telegram via MoneyTalk.
      Slack is also one of my favourite messaging app, but it is used mostly for corporate communication
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        I am lazy so I just make facebook messenger my default messenger app. It seems to work fine. Also, who pays for text messages? I pay $45 a month for unlimited voice, text, and 4G data at MetroPCS. The plan covers all of the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Carribean (minus Cuba) without roaming charges for $50 and I get a 10% discount because of my employer making it $45 a month plus tax. If I wanted to add a second line it would cost about $10 a month.

        My one complaint is they will throttle your data if you exceed 32 gigs of data per month per line. Still, I have only hit that cap once. I have a friend who lives in Panama and that is, sadly, outside the free calling and texting area but facebook messenger is free plus it has free VIOP calling including video calling so that is how I speak with her.
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          There are many messaging apps but the functions may differ. Most of them can be used not only to text but also to call. However, the security and number of people you can call at the same time are some of the biggest factors to consider. I think this can help you to choose the right app.


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            Thanks for the suggestions, but my plan now offers unlimited texts


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              I use mostly Viber and WhatsApp too.


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                Telegram. Fast. Safe. Only Telegram.
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                  I also use WhatsApp and Viber mainly. However, I use Skype to talk to my grandparents since they can't handle a smartphone


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                    Pffffft! I just use a Telegraph!
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