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Youtube comments auto-translation

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  • Youtube comments auto-translation

    I remember a while back there was an option to translate comments on the youtube section to the native language of the user.
    This has dissapeared as suddendly as it appeared.

    Any idea how to get it back?

    Maybe it's related to the browser one is using? (I'm using firefox)


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    I haven't seen it either. Google may have realized that YouTube comments make just as much sense, and are much less revolting, when you can't understand the language.
    "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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      Go here and enter the address in the left-hand box. Select the language (not auto-detect, the english on the page will cause it to not translate) and let her rip.

      If it shows a link that says "Translating...", hit the link.
      No, I did not steal that from somebody on Something Awful.


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        Tried it once and it didn't work
        It took for ever to load.


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          I unfortunately also fail.


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