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Don't know what's going on, need help!

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  • Don't know what's going on, need help!

    In the last few days my PC has started with more activity on the Wi-Fi and more download usage but it isn't me. I can sit doing nothing and watch the light flashing on the Wi-Fi dongle and the download figures going up. I have run both Avast and Malwarebytes (both free versions) and found nothing.

    I recently updated my AMD graphics card driver and installed something called Raptr as part of the process, didn't see the point of it and uninstalled it again - don't know if that is co-incidence?

    Any advice on how I can track down what is going on and stop it would be appreciated.

    (Win 8 64 bit OS)
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    Theoretically it could be a program updating but you said it has lasted for several days so I would discount that possibility. Even if it was Windows update downloading 8.1, which is a large download, it shouldn't take "several days" to complete. My best guess is that you have likely picked up some malware so it might be a good time to download an updated version of an antivirus program and scan your system. Please let us know if this helps solve the problem or not.
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      I think I have resolved this. It is a HP desktop and came with a program called HP support assistant pre-installed. That is the program that flagged up a new graphics driver was available. Somehow (probably stupidity on my part) it got set to automatically install important updates and was downloading the driver update, failing to install it successfully, downloading it again..... Once I stopped that the unexplained usage stopped so I then uninstalled the program itself and everything has been OK since then.

      Thanks for the response.

      Windows 8.1 is another issue for another day.
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        Ugh. Bloatware. HP and Sony's are particularly annoying.
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