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  • wifi routers

    we need one that doesn't keep shutting off when not being used

    currently we got an old linksys (and sprint) that is both wifi and hardwired to a pc, but we gotta keep pushing a button to start the thing up

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    Got this recently. Works well. No issues. Easy to set up. Gigabit wireless
    To us, it is the BEAST.


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      Any new router should fit the bill, just be sure it's got 802.11n (unless your computers are ancient in which case be sure the router has 802.11g)

      But before doing that, try downloading the latest firmware for your router, that might fix the problem. Barring that, see if there's dd-wrt firmware for the router.
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        How old is that???? I've never heard of that being a feature. Maybe it's a "feature", to conserve power or something?

        I tend to recommend DLink. Linksys is also reasonable, most of the time, but I had one bad one. Netgear I have worse luck with. Cisco owns Linksys, so they aren't bad, but I think they're trying to divest or close down at some point. - basic, cheap router. Use if you don't have too much of a problem with signal strength (small house, not used outside, etc.) - More expensive ($75 or so) but faster and much stronger signal. Newegg's $70 price is for today only, so act fast But I think their "$100" price is a bit high, you can usually find it cheaper; Amazon lists it for $80 for example.

        If you have extreme signal issues, you can get a more expensive router, but I wouldn't go above the DIR655. That's what I have in my two story house and it works fine.
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          thx guys

          our current system is old, ~8-10 years maybe

          the pc we have hardwired is about 7 years old, will the "n" versions work with it? I guess the dlink will work with g and n

          the ipad using wifi wont trigger the router to connect

          I saw this about the dlink 655

          Includes wireless LAN scheduling, which can shut down your wireless network when not in use for further power savings
          Thats our problem, I dont even know how to bring up LAN scheduling on our current router.


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            A wireless-n router will be backward compatible with your old computer's network card, I mentioned wireless-g because if you only have old computers then you can save a few bucks by getting a g router instead of an n router.

            To change your router settings, go to in your browser - the default username is admin with a password of admin. If that doesn't work then you probably put a password on it at some point - to clear the password do a hard reset, usually there will be a small button on the back of the router about the size of a paperclip, push it in for ten seconds while the router is turned on and then access your router.

            I don't know how to turn off LAN scheduling in your router, so just play around with it - you can't break anything, because if you screw up the settings too badly you can just do another hard reset. If you have any questions about the various settings and google isn't any help then take a screenshot, upload it to, and post it here.
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              thx again

              we got an old sprint 500 card fitting a slot on our linksys, what device does this dlink 655 use?


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                What is the sprint card doing? You probably don't need anything equivalent to it in the dlink (or any other modern) router. All my router has attached to it is a power cable and an ethernet cable
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                  we're rural, sprint is our mobile broadband provider

                  the sprint upgrade is a usb device


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                    I'd ask Sprint if they have a list of compatible devices
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                      did today, they had a cradlepoint for $124 and a wifi only device for maybe half that but the cell tower receiver is usb and will work with most routers


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                        Log on to the router . If you don't know how the manufacture will have it on the web. Go through the menus and turn off the wifi settings . You might want to turn off remote management so some one on the net cant break in over the cable connection.


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                          that's good advice
                          To us, it is the BEAST.