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Turn your phone into a pager?

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  • Turn your phone into a pager?

    In the doctors office we have to use TigerText on our personal cellphones if we use them at work, this is because the app is HIPAA compliant text messages that auto delete and don’t remain on the phone so if it is lost or stolen the messages can't be made public.

    they sent me a text saying that they now have a pager feature called tigerpage in which they give you a phone number that is a pager number for you to give out instead of your phone number.

    When called, the page goes to your phone through tigertext and it beeps and you get the message and call back #

    I can see it is useful for for doctors and stuff but what about normal people, nobody uses pagers but maybe that is why it is cool? I don’t know what is the difference between a call, email, text message, voice mail or page anymore? They are all just somebody wanting to ‘talk’ to me

    Some of my friends and I use it, but I think pagers have been dead for a few years now, but I don't know why I think that this app of having your smartphone as a pager is cool but it is

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    here the info on tigerpage:


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      No reason to go through a lot of gyrations to turn a phone back into a pager, unless you just have weird friends that are into very minor retro.
      I wouldn't get new programs, I'd get new friends.
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        LOL!! New friends. I like that!!


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          We rarely find people using pagers and i dont think it has got much use. Other new technologies are cropping up in the market so that will be more better.


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            only doctors and drug dealers use pagers

            and DL bots apparently
            To us, it is the BEAST.


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              If you already have a phone, why would you need a pager?
              No, I did not steal that from somebody on Something Awful.


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                I use the Antigua and Barbuda flag
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                  You use the flag in order to contact your friends?
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                  I like your SNOOPY POSTER! - While you Wait quote.


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                    Semaphore is definitely the way to go...

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