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Should I cancel my Transformer Prime preorpder?

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  • Should I cancel my Transformer Prime preorpder?

    ASUS Transformer Prime is one sweet tablet that Amazon promised to send me in February.

    But somehow I missed ASUS' announcement of TF700T, a better version that they plan to ship in the 2nd quarter.
    For just a hundred bucks more you get a 1920x1200 display! Still only 586g!

    Should I cancel my preorder and wait for it? With 1920x1200 pixels I can read any site in portrait orientation and watch any movie.
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    Yes. Cancel it. You at least want to wait until February to see if there is an iPad 3 announcement. I doubt there will be any shortage of Primes come February anyway, so what's the point of preordering one for delivery then?

    Of course, on the other hand, tablets are moving fast. If you wait for the next big thing, you'll never buy one. But at this particular time, it looks like tablets are about to make the jump from "toys" to "laptop replacements". So wait.


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      So, does anyone have one of these? I'm looking to get a tablet and the Transformer Prime seems pretty darn good. It seems like I can't find one anywhere though -- all the brick stores are sold out, and you can't get one online except at inflated prices.

      The other option I'm considering is waiting for the iPad 3 release and then picking up a 2 at a discount...


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        I have the Asus Transformer Prime and it is amazing. Superior to the Ipad in my opinion for a variety of reason, dont want to waste time debating them here, the only downside I can see to it, is that it does not have 3G. I live in Canada and data plans are quite expensive here, so I just have my one data plan for my Samsung Galaxy S2 and then tether my prime to that or use the WIFI.


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          I think you mean 4G and not 3G.
          Try for discussion and debate.


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            No, it was the only good one of those movies.
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