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Any experts here who knows about Samsung bluray players?

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  • Any experts here who knows about Samsung bluray players?

    I just got a Samsung bluray player. I quickly set it up, connecting it to my router using a cable. It's DLNA service wont work when using wireless. The connection went smooth, no problems there and I managed to get it connected to my Goflex home (took some time and still haven't fully figured it out yet. That is the most user-unfriendliness I have seen in many years). Then all of the sudden wired network doesn't work anymore. I didn't change anything on the router or any settings in the player
    When I tell it to automatically find all the IP-settings it fails completely. It does find it's MAC address and an IP address, but the IP address it finds is starting with 169.254 instead of the usual 192.168 and the subnet mask is and the router cannot find the device
    If I put in the IP-settings manuallyh it also fails to connect fully, but at least it is now shown under connected devices on the router
    I have tried to set the router to bind a specific IP address to this MAC address and also tried where the router has free will to decide, but nothing works

    Any ideas?
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    Typical.... I've been messing with this problem for several hours and now two minutes after I post it, the wired connection works again... but the problem is still why did it do that?
    But I have noticed that it no longer can find my NAS server
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      EDIT: Finally it connects again and I'm sort of able to play my video files
      But even though I have shared two folders, with each a number of folders (nicely named "Movies" and "Tv"), it can only see the "Movies" folder
      This is the first time I'm working with devices that uses DLNA, so I don't know if the following is a DLNA problem or a samsung problem. The problem is the structure when connected to my goflex home is totally messed up. To watch I movie I do the following:
      From the main menu I click video, click on my goflex home device. Now I see 4 "folders": "Browse Folders", "Music", "Pictures", "Video" (Ehhh? Hello...? Didn't I just click video already? Of those 4 folders, only "Browse folders" is useful, as the other folders just gives me a huge list of all files of the type I selected first (which would then naturally mean that if I go into pictures it would be empty, as there are no video files there)
      It does have another nice feature that is totally useless. For some of the files it shows an icon with the cover of the movie (the cover is as a file in the directory), but the icon is a widescreen icon, which means the cover is small, wide and unreadable
      Does anybody know another blu-ray player that can connect to DLNA devices, but has a better, more logical, user interface?
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