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Anyone know speakers ?

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  • Anyone know speakers ?


    I am setting up my basement. I have the TV and receiver and am at the point of wanting some speakers. I am not a huge audio guy so anything super high end is wasted on me but would like something that is midrange


    1. centre speaker can be as wide as you want but no more than 6 inches tall and 6 inches deep

    2. The left and right can be taller and deeper but I would actually like smaller speakers overall

    3. "Good" quality overall

    4. Reasonably priced

    5.Reasonabaly available-- I don't care enough to send away to Taiwan

    6. Rears? We already have pre-installed and wired ceiling speakers so we may be covered there although I could get another set for the true surround effect

    7. Sub woofer-- sure -- why not !!

    So any tips on what people think are good at various price points ( or things to avoid--) would be appreciated
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    The best place for this kind of info is I don't know a whole lot about speakers myself, I'm on some basic Yamahas still.
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