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Setting up a Server with Microsoft Server

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    Yeah, it's a nightmare. There's enough implementation quirks with MS products, let alone interoperability quirks between MS products and FOSS products.

    Linux servers are fine when working with Linux clients or as web servers, but as internal/network servers for Windows networks...that's a world of hurt.
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      It's a pain for sure, but I wouldn't describe it as a nightmare - but then I'm one of "the IT monkeys" It takes about 1-2 hours or so to have a Linux server authenticating user log ins from a windows AD for example. However, that requires a lot of CLI activity and a good working knowledge of the AD structure and linux in general.

      Recommending a linux server to someone who needs to post this thread (No offense intended to FrostyBoy) is a completely braindead idea.
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        AD beyond the basic default stuff is bad enough ON windows... the headaches we've had getting ADAM to behave here makes me want to never get into that side of things, ever...

        Also, Chaunk, either start a new hangman thread or change your sig
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