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    Anyone out there using MS OneNote? I've been trying it out for the last couple of days and really like it so far. The ability to embed pretty much anything and to re-org notes at will are both really useful features. Especially in my line of work (IT & Management Consulting) where directions change often and I need to access information in different ways depending upon the prevailing attitudes.

    I think the collaboration features will be helpful as I often need to coordinate with folks on other project sites. I'm not really sure how the live sharing works under the hood, but it seems pretty seemless so far.

    So, any power-tips or features/functionality that you wish you knew about when first starting with the product? Equally important, what downsides have you experienced? I am somewhat worried about overall data retention and potential performance impacts of large amounts of data ( I'll have lots of embedded graphics from systems screenshots and such).

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    It's fabulous. I used it to take notes on my laptop in uni, my brother uses it on his tablet doing graduate level math stuff as well. Works great.

    It's mandatory at work, we regularly use the sharing both locally during a meeting as well as remotely (collaboration between NY/Toronto offices during a teleconference).

    I've got massive amounts of data and I don't notice much of an issue.

    Tips (if you want to call it that):
    - The Outlook integration is powerful. I use it daily for task management and coordination.
    - Labels are your friend, especially for reference material.
    - Audio recording is more useful than you might think for some meetings. When I'm in meetings and I'm physically in the meeting but I'm mostly multitasking on some other work item, I record the audio as well.
    - You can insert and annotate PDFs and PPTs

    Here's a good link:
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      i'm looking at tips about how to use it at uni...
      is it really that good?

      what do you do if you need to write down formula's or draw diagrams?

      also does it have decent drawing tools for general diagrams?
      (this and also this leads to this, etc)


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        OneNote is awesome. I find myself doing most of my work in it them publishing them to Word afterwards.

        The only thing is that Adobe Acrobat Professional is better at highlighting pdfs than OneNote. It actually reads the lines, while OneNote kind of just draws on the scan of a imported pdf.
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          OneNote is AWESOME. It's easily my favourite app. I use it ALL the time. I love it.

          Actually, it affected my decision to buy my UMPC as well (HTC), it had Vista, so I installed OneNote to it, and uuh, I'm in heaven. It has great connectivity, so I can just use my OneNote whenever possible, actually use the microphone or whatever options if I want to, and actually synch that stuff with my desktop and laptop almost real time if I so wish.

          It is simply the best app for me, I love it, and I actually did buy it. I bought software. With my money. I still have to figure out what it doesn't do, I mean it does everything I want ti to do, it's smooth, it even looks good. Oh man, I get a boner just thinking about OneNote.
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