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NBA 2012, when does the season start?

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  • I doubt any of us Chicago fans expect much from the Bulls this year. But you expect Philly over Miami?


    • Originally posted by Al B. Sure! View Post
      So any thoughts on Kobe's comments about the 2012 Olympic team being better than the 1992 Dream Team?

      I'm assuming everyone agrees that Kobe's wrong, right?

      '12 would need to be unconscious from 3 to win a game vs '92.

      Against poor teams they can look as good (sometimes), but whenever the '12 team is confronted by competent play (closing out on shooters, taking care of the ball) they fall apart on the offensive end and give up lots of uncontested layups on the defensive end. They rarely cleanly execute even simple plays, and have trouble defending against crisp passing. '92 wouldn't be giving them the masses of open 3s and turnovers they need to function. And '92 didn't need those to function.

      Prediction: Barkley scores 50 when Durant is tasked with guarding him, and (somehow) also gets 5 technical fouls.


      • Get it while it lasts!

        "Flutie was better than Kelly, Elway, Esiason and Cunningham." - Ben Kenobi
        "I have nothing against Wilson, but he's nowhere near the same calibre of QB as Flutie. Flutie threw for 5k+ yards in the CFL." -Ben Kenobi


        • So does Kobe think the same way about how they would perform against the Dream Team now that they only beat Spain by seven points?

          But congraulations on getting the Gold anyway.


          • It's a shame Pau got raked in the eye. Probably had a 3 point play with a normal reaching foul, and the game could have been 4 points. Instead off to the bench and Spain was essentially done.