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I Need to Hit On a Cubs Fan

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  • I Need to Hit On a Cubs Fan

    Can anyone tell me what went wrong in their playoffs run? Any good one liners? I don't like to catch girls ON THE REBOUND but the cubs elimination is making her act like her boyfriend has just been murdered or something. Thanks

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    Hasn't she suffered enough?
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      We aren't talking about the Cubs right now.
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        In the first game, the Cubs pitcher, Ryan Dempster, was too pumped up and it made him uncharacteristically wild -- walked 7 guys. Kept getting in trouble and escaping, but all those walks caught up to him in one swing -- he gave up a grand slam after filling the bases on walks. It seemed like that just deflated them and they never fought back.

        Cubs hitters were overanxious and swung at bad pitches -- just like last year.

        Be gentle.
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