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    Life is full of surprises. like how much a tomato soup with tabasco and tispouro can aleviate the symptoms of an acute flue that makles you want to tear your aching throat out.

    Another is little suprises like finding out your plumber also is a kick ass iconograph. He makes elaborate orthodox icons like they did in 5 A.D. almost the same tecniqie.

    I watched the angels hot burned/carved on a huge piece of plank wood the way the very early christians (which wer eprimarly roman/greek) did in hiding.

    Watching the elegance of the angel in teh wood carving I couldn't help but notice the continuation of ancient greek scultpure elegance. So they same people tuirned from dodecatheon to christianity which next spred all over the world. The former culture also had spread. Actually maybe christianity was facilitated but the full roman prevalence.
    coming back to greek aesthetics and ethos.
    I could see similarities between christian and ethnic art but on what amounts to ethos, christianity turned out to be superconservative par rapport at the ancient ethos.

    SOme can say that jewish culture is dark resstricitve and conservative whereas greek culture is light.

    I'm not interested in antisemitism so I won't say that.

    I will say though that at around 400 A.D. when Constantine said christianity uber alles, an old world died and a new was born whoch was ultra conservative.

    So maybe humanity doesn't follow on a straight line of progress, maybe there are huge setbacks

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    Is he religious or is it just for fun?


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      Do you have any pictures or anything? I'm sure alot of people would love to see it. Also is the subject only Christianity or did he do a modern spin on it by including non religious figures in his work?

      So maybe humanity doesn't follow on a straight line of progress, maybe there are huge setbacks
      We're in the middle of one right now
      "Let the People know the facts and the country will be saved." Abraham Lincoln

      Mis Novias


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        I talked about faith and he said, one thing is faith one other is...
        he coudln't find the word
        I replied... art?

        Yes one thing is faith, another is art

        i can't take out my mobile and take a pic of them.

        There are academics of the fine arts school of athens that have taken at least 2 works of him