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nudes if or not?

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    Cronicas Marcianas es lo unico que veo de la tele, perdón a veces también El Informal,el caso es que mola pero no soporto al Lequio ni a la Hornillos


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      Agree. Añade a la begoña no se cuantos, a Massiel y al enrique del pozo. bueno, ese cuando se pone a discutir con el calvo tambien mola


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        Originally posted by Jay Bee
        My head? Why mine?
        Nothing personal, I just thought the sunglasses would be a good detail!
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          El humorista es el mejor , aunque tampoco Deltell se queda manco ni el cojo se que da cojo


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            Véis demasiada televisión, cuidado que eso disminuye la sustancia gris...
            "An intellectual is a man who doesn't know how to park a bike"
            - Spiro T. Agnew


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              The role of the warrior...

              Pco, i think it depends all from the role you want to assign to this unit.

              I mean, often skilled warriors reunited among themselves to form a special group called "good death fellowship", promising each other to stay unite in life and death. These members in battle often dropped dresses to show

              a) how less death fear counted for them by dropping down also their armours;

              b) magic tatoos or paintings - such as Life's tree or Lug immortal dragon - destined to magically blind their enemies;

              c) their wealth - Celts carried torquis jewel, remeber?

              If you want to draw a hero, nude fits better. Otherwise, if you want to perform a simple warrior, both fits good enough.

              In the first case, plz draw something on hero's skin to simulate tatoos/paintings ( as once i said JB, it's a matter of two-three pixels ). Azul - guade blue is good enough.

              About second case: Polibius mentioned several other colours on celtic dresses - just think to Scottish tartans to have an idea . White-blue is too much Obelix style.
              "Io non volgo le spalle dinnanzi al nemico!!!" - il Conte di San Sebastiano al messo del comandante in capo, battaglia dell'Assietta
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                Your comments are very guessed right Prometeus, Saviolix will have left some blue drawing well, but what I worry about is not if it is realistic a Celtic nude, but the possibility that it is in poor taste......
                By the way that well he/she has come me what I found in the page that you gave me.