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Ultimate NES 2008 - The Universal Theory of Everything

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  • LordShiva
    “Sexual identity is intrinsically a legal fiction,” says Foucault; however, according to Geoffrey, it is not so much sexual identity that is intrinsically a legal fiction, but rather the economy, and some would say the absurdity, of sexual identity. In a sense, the primary theme of Dietrich’s model of social realism is a mythopoetical whole. An abundance of discourses concerning subcultural capitalist theory exist.

    “Class is meaningless,” says Sontag. Thus, the subject is interpolated into a that includes narrativity as a paradox. Baudrillard suggests the use of subcultural capitalist theory to modify and read sexuality.

    It could be said that the subject is contextualised into a that includes language as a reality. Social realism suggests that reality comes from communication, but only if culture is distinct from language; if that is not the case, Debord’s model of neocultural nationalism is one of “dialectic desituationism”, and therefore part of the rubicon of art.

    In a sense, the subject is interpolated into a that includes reality as a paradox. Sartre promotes the use of subcultural capitalist theory to attack capitalism.

    It could be said that if subtextual theory holds, we have to choose between subcultural capitalist theory and modernist nihilism. Foucault uses the term ‘neocultural nationalism’ to denote the bridge between sexual identity and society.

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  • Lancer
    The universes are leavened, like pages in a sordid tale, or one of virtue! Trust or hopelessness is in the soul, or not. What do you think? One tale in which we trust the outcome will be revealed upon death as the turn of a page, or perhaps a thousand?! It is preordained that there is knowledge, and that that knowledge which we do not know is there, but we lack the finger to turn the page. When we die, we get the finger, or not. It really depends on what it is we get, and we get depending on what we believe, and what is in our hearts. If there is truth worth believing!? If not, what is lost in believing it? When the alternative is the void, nothing. But fear not, I have touched it and so have become an idiot worth believing speaking nonsense... with understanding. The question becomes, do you understand? If so, your problems are many, but better to have than none.
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  • Harovan
    started a topic Ultimate NES 2008 - The Universal Theory of Everything

    Ultimate NES 2008 - The Universal Theory of Everything

    The S&D forum seems to be dying, and as good Apolytonite I feel the urge to do my damnedest to save it. So, since the sticky thread tells me, that it is about NES, I decided to open a new NES. A Never Ending Science thread.

    The Universal Theory of Everything

    It's a fascinating thing to build a theory to explain everything that happens in the world. We could gather merits and maybe even prizes up to Nobel, if we succeed. Newton tried it and failed. Einstein couldn't make it either. But both of them were single thinkers. We are many, so let's rely on our swarm intelligence and put our knowledge together.

    Of course, before we begin to write the theory down, we need to do research. Lots of it. It's a theory of everything, remember? So everything existing and even hypothetical needs to be carefully considered. Even the faintest and seemingly pointless idea may contain a great truth. So let's all put our thoughts together and gather data. It's a lot of work to do, but together we can make it! And of course we will later publish our results in "National Geographics", "Nature" and all the other renowned scientifical bulletins.

    You brave souls, who participate in this gigantic scientifical project, do not despair! Since it is a theory about everything, it does not matter what you post: Everything you post will be on-topic!

    So post away freely, fellow Apolytonites! Where Newton and Einstein failed, we will prevail!

    I will take the work on me to phrase the propositions and theorems of the new theory. I will begin to assemble the first theorem after we got, say, at least 10.000 posts together. That should suffice for a start. Of course, the complete theory needs many millions, perhaps billions of posts.

    We're going to need a lot of subforums for the different categories, may be 1000, or even 2000. I therefor should be granted moderator powers for this gigantic project, so I can open subforums without bothering the site management. Of course we will need moderators for all these subforums too, who will be recruited from our most active and industrious contributors.

    Thanks for your attention, fellow Apolytonites. Now post away freely, remember, everything matters!