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    Hi there!

    My name is Thlayli, and I'm an active member of the NESing community over at CFC. We have over 50 regular posters, as well as around 20 active NESes. We were also home to the first NES, started over 5 years ago. We can be found here:

    A couple of your members, like foolish_icarus and Nylan, are active posters over at our NESing forum.

    Anyway, I've come over here to see if you guys are interested in participating in a NES with us, either hosted here, at CFC, or on a 3rd party site. There's also a small NESing community over at Strategic Command Center, and I'll probably make this same proposal over there soon.

    Also, we've launched a NES Wiki which can be found here:

    As of now it has only CFC NESes listed, and lately our site administrator Symphony D. has been contributing the most work, but we'd appreciate contributions from you as well. There's an FAQ also, located at the Community Portal.

    If you want to help the project, please sign up at CFC (a very easy process) and express your interest in this thread:

    We know the Apolyton NESing community is a little smaller than our own, but we really look forward to NESing with you guys in the future.

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    I'd definitely like to see NESing expand both in concept as well as with the number of participants involved.
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