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  • Atlantis

    i just thought of this story out of the blue, i know it didnt actually happen

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    it is the beggining of civilization and the famous tribes of the massive continent, Atlantis have finally united and built the capital city of a new empire. though far behind the empire of Egypt, they finnaly began to make a succes by collecting the many resouces on the continent, so soon they began to rise above the rest of the world. they constructed many monuments in honor of the famous king, Galim, and all of citezens of atlantis began to think that they owed their lives to him. King Galim took advantage of this fact and built, an army and began to conquer the countless groups of barbarians on the continent. soon though all of the resources available to them began to perish and people began to leave the safety of the cities walls and began setting up small villages around the capital city. soon though, the cities population began growing, and the towns expanded to become towering cities, each city had one statue of king galim and a market. the country was divided into provinces and each province was assigned a governer, soon the gathrings of resources reached a very large height and that attracted many barbarians. so as the the barbarians began to raid atlantian towns and took control of thye western city of Galimosus. the king was furious and beat the barbarians out of the city and built a towering wall around the empires borders. bus the borders still expanded and the wall only proteceted the inland cities. but the king was fascinated by the ocean and demanded the construcion of a port city in order to allow sailing. the city was finished and was name port sarathas. the atlantians discovered that pieces of cloth that were hung could catch the wind and pull tham along, so the first boat was built.


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      Were you planning on incorporating any diplomacy into this story?
      Lysistrata: It comes down to this: Only we women can save Greece.
      Kalonike: Only we women? Poor Greece!


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        srry i just ran out of time, u can take it from heer