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    I'm not very fond of the term "NES" myself, as it's not accurate, descriptive, or unique, but it's from before my time and the name has stuck. I would not at all object to a naming convention shift...
    There was a period of time when NESes were located in the civ3 stories section, and apparently annoyed some of the storyers because degenerate threads clogged their forum or some such.

    History Development Incidents Events Advancement Progress Scenario Creative Innovations Inventions Imaginative Inspiration Reenactment Renewal Rekindling Revitalization Cooperative Collaborative Organization Company Union Society Narrative Fantasy Whimsy Fancy Conjuration Notion Whim Story Tale Yarn Legend Chronicle Joint Exercise

    Cooperative History Narrative
    Combined History Narrative
    Collaborative History Narrative
    Historical Scenario Innovation
    Imaginative Historical Scenario
    Collaborative History Narrative
    Immersive History Development
    Cooperative Creative History Chronicle

    Anything jump out at anyone?
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      Originally posted by appleciders
      I dunno, BP gives you both a run for your money in terms of randomness.
      No, he just does stupid stuff. Different kind of random.


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        I have come up against very few players who weren't rather predictable.
        Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


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          I would much rather train two divisions of musket infantry and attach heavy artillery bataillons to them than upgrade my army to "medium"...
          I couldn't agree more.

          No, he just does stupid stuff. Different kind of random.
          Oh come off it Nuclear, you're just sore about how bad Persia had you.

          each player country must face a handful of issues, some short term and some long term that will have serious negative detriments if not addressed and positive benefits if they are handled successfully. With a bit of luck the historical setup will be such that the players are forced to interact with each other right off the bat.
          You've hit the nail on the head. My problem with some NES's is that there isn't really a reason for any wars to start (and that is one of the better parts of the game) so sometimes we have to create our own reasons to fight which really cuts down on the fun factor.

          I dunno, I tried CFC for a while, and there were a couple big problems with it, in my mind. The first and most obvious one is that everyone there wants to mod, and then drop out of every game they're playing in when they decide to mod a new game. This leads to lots of people dropping out of an NES by about the third turn, which kills the mood.

          The other problem with CFC is that everyone gets really, really bogged down in historical correctness, and NESes turn into nothing but a citing contest, as everyone goes nuts trying to prove that a particular model of tank came out in a given year.
          That is exactly why I never got involved with CFC. I lurked for a while but their style was just a bit off, plus they seemed to have a bit of a mech fascination.

          Icarus, as far as names go, I'd have to say that an NES isn't always historical so most of the names you suggested don't appear to completely fit.
          It seems that the real goal in the games is conquest. Something along the lines of a Conquest Scenario or Conquest Simulation might fit a bit better.
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            Bipolar, if Micha starts the NES again, I will make you an avatar bet that you will not destroy the majority of my empire, or Carthage itself.


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              I agree with LN here, bp. You almost certainly wouldn't destroy more than half his empire, nor Carthage itself.
              Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


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                BP alone might not, but if the factions continued as Carthage vs. Egypt, Persia, and Macedonia.... Well, if the stock market was around back then, I'd sell Carthage short. I had some evidence that Rome might enter the war on our side, too, although I don't know what the double agent factor was on that one, since I know Laurentius was communicating with Carthage too, and I don't know which of us he was lying to.

                So... speaking of NESes dying, people need to give me orders.
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                three. Christopher Robin, you have the bridge."


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                  I'm here to take the pulse of the participants here and there...

                  Who would be up for a second game to run in addition to cider's dark ages scenario?

                  Specifically, I was thinking of an alternate history colonization/early industrial ages setting where north african and Asian states are supreme, colonizing/exploiting Europe and the new world.
                  But as always, I'm game for just about anything.
                  Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


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                    I'm game for anything. It doesn't seem like it would be too hard to play two at once.
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                      IŽd be in, too.
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