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ADCT Spring 1907

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  • Defiant
    GM Chuckles,
    The Frenchie Froggy fleet in Aeg cannot retreat to Ion, since the Adr was trying to go there, send the junk somewhere else.
    Map will be up tonight.

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  • Chazzy
    started a topic ADCT Spring 1907

    ADCT Spring 1907

    Spring 1907

    The spring brought with it a renewed assault on the German north and center, can France rush to his aid fast enough ? Also , Russia is making gains in the south as he is now in position to take the last Turkish holdout. On the Italian Boot, Italy and France are pressuring Austria for control while the Austrian units try and reposition.

    France ( Ruffy )

    F-Nwg > Nor ( bounce )
    A-Bur S Germ. A-Mun H ( void )
    A-Par > Pic
    A-Pie > Tus ( bounce )
    F-Tyr Sea S Italian F-Nap > Rom
    F-Tun > Ion ( bounce )
    F-Aeg S F-Tun > Ion ( unit dislodged/retreat to Ion,Emed )

    Italy ( Sahib )

    F-Nap > Rom

    Austria ( Defiant )

    F-Gre S Russ F-Con > Aeg
    A-Bul S Russ F-Bla > Con
    A-Tri >Ven
    A-Mun S Russ A-Ber > Kie
    A-Tyr S A-Mun
    A-Tus S A-Rom ( support cut )
    A-Rom S F-Apu > Nap ( support cut/dislodged retreat to Apu )
    F-Apu > Nap
    F-Adr > Ion ( bounce )

    Russia ( Gerwald )

    A-StP > Nor ( bounce )
    F-Nor > Nth ( bounce )
    F-Barents S A-StP > Nor
    A-Swe > Den
    F-Bal S A-Swe > Den
    A-Ber > Kie ( bounce )
    A-Sil S Aust. A-Mun
    F-Con > Aeg
    F-Bla > Con
    F-Ank S F-Bla > Con

    Germany ( Orange_1 )

    A-Lon > Den ( bounce )
    F-Nth Convoys A-Lon > Den ( support cut )
    A-Ruh S A-Kie
    A-Kie S A-Lon > Den ( support cut )
    F-Den > Ska

    Turkey ( Iain )

    A-Smy H

    Alright, please check for mistakes, as I am not sure about the convoy in the Nth Sea. If all is alright than retreats are due on July 26th, and Fall 1907 moves will be due on Monday the 29th.
    Please get them in or ask for an extension as I will be trying to move along abit faster now.