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Imperial Dip 50: Spring 1871 Moves

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  • Imperial Dip 50: Spring 1871 Moves

    Pretty reasonable amount of property changes hands this turn. The question is what will happen after the whipping boys du jour have faded? World peace, or something more sinister?

    In any case, if those who once controlled the French republic wish to step out of the woodwork and write an EOG, they are welcome to do so, although I'm not getting my hopes up.

    Builds are due Thursday. Please check for accuracy as usual. And post retreats here, especially for our English friends who once again have the option of retreating to victory in the Seychelles this time, instead of Paris which has been sadly repossessed.


    The Mexican Army was pleased to announce that the much celebrated and dreaded
    Confederate "black horse cavalry" has finished training our troops in South
    America. With the CSA training our forces will not be stopped by the evil
    european swine.

    Long live Dixie! Hooray! Hooray! We, in the Mexican Navy, are honored to
    support your conquests in the Pacific Theater.

    The French have now been vanquished from the clean waters and lands of South
    America. The stench was unbearable as Mexican troops routed the hapless
    french soldiers. After much investigation, the french women were found to be
    the culprit.

    The Dutch and the English, two peas in a pod. I wonder which one is in civil
    disorder. It is so hard to tell.

    Did you hear the joke about the Englishman, the Dutchman and the French
    woman? Nevermind, its about as bad as they are playing this game.

    The only good Mexican is a... jumping bean. Hey Pedro, why don't you hop
    over here and attack the little whiney Dutch Boy!

    Mexican ladies are HOT tomales

    Kid: "I'm a killer. I done killed five men. How many men you killed, Ned?"
    Ned: "FIVE? You killed five men?"
    Kid: "That's right, Ned. Five, not including Mexicans."

    "That's pretty good shooting mister... for a John Bull!"

    Two British thugs walk into a pub in Ireland and decide to have a competition
    as to whom can annoy the Irish Landlord the most.

    The first thug goes up to the bar and says, "Oi Mick, did you know St.
    Patrick was an Englishman?!"

    The Irish Landlord merely nods his head and continues to pour the pint of
    Guiness he's serving.

    The second thug whispers to his mate, "I'll get him... watch this!" So the
    second thug goes up to the bar and says, "Oi Mick, did you know St Patrick
    was a ****er?!"

    And the Irish Landlord says, "I know, your mate just told me!"

    "Might be that [Orange_1] fellow is English Bob. You know the one that works
    for the railroads shootin' Chinamen?"

    The honorable Japanese deserved better than to die at the hands of a drunken
    Mongol horde floating atop an armada of fishing junks. Richardsan will be

    Three cheers for the loyal Tri Coloures of Mexico, without whose assistance
    the Confederacy might still endure the yoke of the Whyskered Tyrant.

    England, My best buddies in the whole wide world.

    CSA, rotton low life bottom feeder leave my territory.

    Japan, the end is real near now.

    China (+Sap, +Edo) 2 builds
    A-BRM - HOLD
    F-LUZON - LUZ (*bounce*)2:2
    A-KAM - HOLD
    A-SEO - HOLD

    Mexico (Gerwald) (+NSW, +Flk, +SGr, +Okn, +Prg, +Mnd, -Anc) 5 builds
    1. F Westerlies s CSA F Kuril
    2. F NZE - Tasman
    3. F Tasman - NSW
    4. F Coral - QUE (*bounce*)
    5. F Barrier s F Tasman - NSW
    6. F Drake - FLK
    7. F A. Indian - W. Indian
    8. F A. Atlantic s F B. Current - SGR
    9. F B. Current - SGR
    10. F Kirbati - SW Pacific
    11. A COH s A OLI - PRG
    12. A LPA s A COH
    13. F M. Atlantic convoy A CYN - OKN
    14. A CYN - OKN
    15. A OLI - PRG
    16. F CoArgentina s F Drake - FLK
    17. F MND s CSA F LUZ
    18. A BRA - PRA
    19. F SW Pacific - NZE
    20. F RDJ - B. Current

    CSA (RUFFHAUS) (+Crl, +Par, +Edi, +Anc) 4 builds
    A Atlanta - Bahamas
    F Bahamas - Sargasso Sea
    F Eastern Seaboard supports F Bahamas - Sargasso Sea
    A Washington DC - New York City
    F New York City - Quebec
    F Cheasapeake - North Atlantic Ocean (*bounce*)
    F Nova Scotia (NVS) - Hudson Bay
    F Hudson Bay - Northern Passage (*bounce*)
    F North Atlantic Ocean - North Sea (*bounce*) 2:2
    F Edinburg supports F North Atlantic Ocean - North Sea
    F London supports F Edinburg - hold
    A Nantes supports A Paris - hold (*cut*)
    A Paris supports A Nantes - hold
    A Toledo - hold
    F Gibraltar - Strait of Gibraltar
    F Strait of Gibraltar - Canary Islands
    A Azores Islands - hold
    A Sierra Leone - hold
    A MDO supports Turkish A Monrovia - Grain Coast
    F Cameroon supports Mexican A Cayenne - OKN
    F Gulf of Guinea convoys Mexican A Cayenne - OKN
    F Northeast Trades convoys Mexican A Cayenne - OKN
    A Alaska - Anchorage
    A Vancouver - Washington
    F Washington Bay - North Pacific Ocean
    F West Coast - California Current
    F Hawaii - Western Pacific Ocean
    F Bering Sea supports F Kuril Trench - hold
    F Kuril Trench supports Japanese F Edo - hold
    F Izu Trench - Caroline Islands
    F Bismark Sea supports F Izu Trench - Caroline Islands
    F Equatorial Countercurrent supports F Bismark Sea - hold
    F Luzon (LUZ) supports Mexican F Mindanao - hold (*cut*)

    England (The Orange 1) (+Cmb, +Sey?, -Flk, -Mos, -NSW, -Par, -Edi, -Hol, -Kie) 3 disbands, or 4 (or less if some retreat OTB)
    F-N.Passage S F-North > Edi (*cut*)
    F-Norweigan S F-North > Edi
    F-North > Edi (*bounce*) 2:2
    A-Rou > Nan (*bounce*) 2:2
    F-Hlg > North (*bounce*) 2:2
    F-Den S F-Hlg > North
    F-Baltic > Skg
    F-G.Bot S A-Liv
    A-Mos S A-Grg (*cut, dislodged, retreat to: StP, Prm*)
    A-Grg S A-Mos (*cut*)
    A-Liv S A-Mos (*cut*)
    F-Biscay S A Rou > Nan
    F-Flk H (*dislodged, annihilated*)
    F-Oma > Hdr (*bounce*) 2:2
    F-H.Africa S A-Oma > Hdr (*cut, dislodged, retreat to: Ken, Sey, OTB*)
    F-Arabian S A-Oma > Hdr
    F-Persian S A-Oma > Hdr (*cut*)
    A-Krc S A-Kas
    A-Kas S A-Krc
    A-Raj S A-Krc
    A-Hyd > Mds
    A-Bnk > Cmb
    F-Mls > Sp
    F-Oki S Chinese F-Philippine H
    A-Que S F-Nsw (*cut*)
    F-Nsw S A-Que (*cut, dislodged, retreat to: Sau, OTB*)

    Austria (His Divine Shadow) (+Mos, +Hol, +Kie) 3 builds
    A Kie sup Hol
    A Hol sup Kie
    A Metz sup Hol
    A Mrs sup Pie
    A Pie sup Mrs
    A Crt to Rom
    A Ber sup Kie
    A Bav to Stu
    A Prs to Liv (*bounce*)
    A Wrs to Mos
    A Glc to Wrs
    A Sil sup Prs
    A Wlc to Glc
    F Val holds
    F Tyr sup Adr
    F Adr convoy A Crt to Rom
    F Sic holds
    F W Med sup Val
    F Lyon sup W Med

    Turkey (orange) (+Trn, +GCs) 2 builds
    A Moz - Trn
    A Bot S A Moz - Trn
    F Som S F Red - HoAfrica
    F Ade S F Red - HoAfrica
    F Red - HoAfrica
    F Cai (sc) - Red
    A Nej S A Hdr
    A Hdr S A Nej (*cut*)
    F Bag - Persian (*bounce*)
    A Ban S A Afg
    A Teh S A Khv
    A Khv S A Afg
    A Afg S A Ban
    A Bku - Grg (*bounce*) 1:3
    A Sev S Austrian A Wrs - Mos
    F Black S A Ang - Bku
    A Ang - Bku (*bounce*)
    A Rmn S A Sev
    F E. Med - Aeg
    F Trp S F Tun
    F Tun S F Trp
    F Ionian S F Tun
    F Mrc S F Sgb
    A Mnv - Gcs

    Japan (Richard Nutt) EOG
    F Edo H (*dislodged, annihilated*)

    France (Philip VI) EOG
    F GCS H (*dislodged, annihilated*)
    A Prg H (*dislodged, annihilated*)
    A Cmb H (*dislodged, annihilated*)

    Holland (George of Orange) (-Sey?, -Sgr, -Okn, -Crl, -Trn, -Mnd) 3 disbands (or 4)
    F IvC H
    F Okn H (*dislodged, retreats to: Agl*)
    A Gya H
    A Uru H
    F Sgr H (*dislodged, annihilated*)
    F S.Atlantic H
    A Trn H (*dislodged, retreat to: Ctn*)
    F Goodhope H
    F M.Channel H
    F NE.Monsoon H
    F Mld H
    F E.Indian H
    F GoManaar H
    F SE.Trades H
    F Celebes H
    F Timor H
    F A.Pacific H
    F NGu H
    A Prt H
    F Crl H (*dislodged, annihilated*)
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    All syllogisms have three parts.
    Therefore this is not a syllogism.

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    Fall 1871 Map:

    Please check for accuracy, thank you.

    Mapmaker comments/questions/etc.:

    CSA F Nova Scotia - Hudson Bay (bounces)
    English F Java Sea - (unordered)

    Austria has 22 supply centers and 19 units: 3 builds
    CSA has 36 supply centers and 33 units: 3 builds
    England has 22 or 21 supply centers and 26 units: 4 or 5 disbands, pending retreats
    Holland has 15 or 14 supply centers and 17 units: 2 or 3 disbands, pending retreats
    Mexico has 26 supply centers and 20 units: 6 builds
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      Austria Builds:

      A Bud
      A Vie
      F Crt
      His Divine Shadow

      "Do you know what 'nemesis' means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified, in this case, by a horrible c**t: me." - Bricktop, _Snatch_


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        Don't worry, HDS, already got your PM

        Hmm... according to RUFFHAUS's results, Mexico still has 1 too few build, CSA has 1 too many builds. Holland has 1 more disband than it should, and England has 1 less.

        Time to check the map again.
        All syllogisms have three parts.
        Therefore this is not a syllogism.


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          Give me A Con and F Cai (sc) please
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            A-Mos > Stp
            F-H.Africa > Sey
            F-Nsw > Sau
            All syllogisms have three parts.
            Therefore this is not a syllogism.


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              I've done my own count, and they match RUFFHAUS's figures- so use them for your build totals. Beats me why I can't get the standard SCs lost/gained to balance out the same way.

              My apologies about the delay on this.
              All syllogisms have three parts.
              Therefore this is not a syllogism.