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ACS Dip 65: Medieval Diplomacy Spring 1004 Orders

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    I'd be interested in taking France for a spin, since nobody else is.


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      Triped: Welcome! Please, please post your contact info here so that we can start to get things moving again.

      1 down, 2 to go...
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        aww c'mon reis, we'll never get two more...can we just civil disorder them and get on with this game? It's hanging by a thread of interest for most people now anyway, any longer and no one will care anymore.
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          Yes, please do. I'm getting quite tired of waiting...
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            AIM: MikeHopkinsBrain
            ICQ: 154410245

            The e-mail adress will only last for two more weeks, I'll post with my new one later.


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              I'm sorry guys, I've completely forgotten to check this forum. And I don't have any contact info or a clue as to what's going on either, so here are moves:

              Edit: have been told not to post moves in threads.