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Dip 48 "Newbie" Fall 1912 resolution

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  • Dip 48 "Newbie" Fall 1912 resolution

    Finally back from vacation. Here we go:


    ITALY (Orange)

    (A-Munich HOLD) dislodoged, auto-destroyed as Italy dies

    RUSSIA (Ruffhaus)

    A Norway - Holland
    F North Sea convoys A Norway - Holland

    TURKEY (Siro)

    A Mos s A War - Livon
    A War - Livon
    A Sil s A Pru - Berlin
    (A Pru - Berlin) bounce 2x2, dislodged by FA Liv 2x1, destroyed
    F Tus s F Tyrrhenian
    F Nap s F Tyrrhenian
    F Tyrrhenian c A Rom - Tun
    (A Rom - Tun) bounce 1x2
    F Ion s A Rom - Tun
    (A Pie s F Tus) cut by RA Mar
    A Tyrol s A Pie
    A Alb - Tri
    A Gal- War
    A Bud - Vienna

    FRANCE (Yoav)

    F Tun sup F WMe
    F WMe sup F Tun
    F GoL sup A Mar to Pie
    (A Mar to Pie) bounce 2x2
    F Spa sup F GoL
    F MAO to NAO
    (F Ech to Nth) bounce RF NTH
    A Yor to Lon
    F Swe to Nor
    A Ber sup A Liv to Pru
    A Liv to Pru
    A Kie sup A Ber
    A Ruh sup A Bur to Mun
    A Bur to Mun


    Turkey (16/13) builds three
    France (16/14) builds two
    Italy, eliminated
    Russia (2,2) no change

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    A big hand for Orange, who stepped in late, in a not very favourable position, but held his ground, did not waiver and was always putting in his moves timely. Thanks Orange, and you are on my list of the people-I-will-always-GM-for-again.


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      I've made a map... Siro is having problems uploading it. I'll give you a link as soon as it's up. Anyway.. how about the deadline? I need to know when to work my orders, i have much to do in the near time, and I will not be home much as well the few next days. I think I won't really have much time until... uh next Monday or so. Anyway when's the deadline?


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        There, I've uploaded it myself:

        Hope I don't have stupid mistakes there..


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          EOG for Italy

          Well, dead at last...and so close to the end of the game too!! I want to start by thanking Sahib for GMing the game excellently - fast, fair and always clear (you're on my list of GMs-I-will-always-play-for-again!!) - and all of you that have played with me, even Yoav...

          I came into this game in a tough position and thought I might last only 2 turns. And perhaps I SHOULD have lasted only 2 turns, but then the name of the game is Diplomacy. And that's what I concentrated on - persuading Siro not to kill me straight away. This was achieved, but only if I attacked France. I agreed to this, although I was in no position to execute an effective stab. Instead, it was obvious and half-hearted (you try getting ships into the GoL without France noticing!!). After that, I was caught between a rock and a hard place for the rest of the game, the only question being whether I would be a French or a Turkish b!tch.

          Perhaps I should have stabbed Turkey before he stabbed me, but we had worked well together from the start and I felt he deserved a certain amount of trust for sparing my ass for so long. I don't blame him though, I was in the way and France was gaining the upper hand. After the stab, I was forced to side with France, but my position was crumbling. I had my suscpicions about Yoav's reliability, but didn't think he would make the, in my opinon, stupid move of stabbing me. Stabbing Russia at the same time was ambitious, but crazy unless 18 SCs were assured - I assume this was the plan, but it failed, turning 2 admittedly weak friendly powers into enemies that now wanted not a 2-way draw but a solo for Siro.

          So that answers your question Siro, I didn't stab France when you warned me because his stab made little sense to me.

          I hope Siro wins the game because I think he deserves it most - he has been consistent and efficient, has understood that small weak powers that are allied can be of great help in a game and even after the inevitable stab, he retains my respect as an honourable opponent. I also hope Ruffhaus survives - like me, he took over an ailing power to help out the game (that deserves credit by itself) and has used the only tool left to him (diplomacy) admirably.

          "Life is like a bag of Revells - you're always searching for The Orange One"


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            Winter 1912 deadline is wednesday, 10th. !!!!


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              You did a fine work Orange, and you were a very nice partner.

              It was very unpleasant stabbing you, but necessary as Yoav was gaining power.

              I wasn't sure how you would act, so always tried to keep 3 fleets around you to make myself more persuading

              You came into game in a genuinly bad position, after I had diplomatically established an alliance with Mobius, that obviously NMRed 2 turns in a row .

              As far as the allaince with Mobius went, I spen 2 turns ordering hold to my troops around Italy and then Italy controlled Austria, to show him the sincerety of my lies.

              But after that move, a completely new Italy has come to power, one that didn't think much of my previously demonstrated truce, and I was mad at mobius for wasting my time, and decided that maybe you'll believe my truce any and attacked.

              You effectively blocked it, after which I decided I've been spending my time on fighting you too much when I can infact make you do the important stuff - attacking france. My HCs are away and you are adjustant to france and can attack it.

              I was constantly afraid Yoav might offer you a better deal, and tried to understand what he has done.

              Later when the 3 of you were aginst me, I noticed Yoav's plan to get 18SCs in one turn and alerted you, but you didn't think it's possible.

              Hey, I too didn't think yoav would risk it, but he did, and my main clue was seeing him face to face when I saw the disappointment where he understood he had only 12 SCs.

              Then I counted how many does he have, and how many can he get. 5!!!

              He almost got 6, since Russia unlike I expected didn't conquer any of his north europe SCs, but still he didn't succeed.


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                Hey Orange, you really did very well, the position you've taken was really desperate. I was actually sure Siro would kill you right away, as he had several chances to completely destroy you, having all of your forces becoming his - and I yet do not understand why he didn't - but it turned on to the best for all of us at the end (as you survived longer, and I and Ruff had the chance of persuading you to help us and prevent him from soloing, which we couldn't have possibly done to a portion of Siro's own army )... Anyway, I really didn't think I'll make it into Munich this turn, it was a blind shot, and you were supposed to make it for another year...
                Overall, as I said I think you really did some great work there. Although I really did think you and I could have got Siro if you did not stab me at first, you did make it to the time I wanted you back on my side... AAMOF I really did not think I would have a chance to solo, only last year I started to think about it, and only last turn (the one in which I satbbed you and Ruff) did I really think seriously about attacking you, and seeing that Ruff's navy was getting close to my home cities, I decided that now is better than never.
                I still don't think I can solo this game, I see two possibilities here:
                - Ruffhaus keeps on helping Siro, Siro gains 18 SC's and wins the game.
                - Ruffhaus ceases to help Siro, or I manage to eliminate him, me and Siro get a stable 17-17 and decide on a tie.
                P.S. - Ruff, you said that if Siro votes against the draw you would attack him, IIRC. All I can say is: to you and to Siro..
                oh and to all other players and to our GM Sahib for the fine work done here.


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                  Oh, and Siro - I wasn't really surprised to find out I only have 12. I just counted them wrong once when we were speaking on the phone, and then I remembered it was 12. I don't know why you keep repeating this as a discriminating fact.
                  No Matter, goodluck in this end of the game!


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                    Yoav, I was at your palce, we were making Math homework, and you talked about the proposed alliance.

                    Then you suddenly said "****, I counted the cities and they are only 12. Bummer."

                    So I thought maybe you built sometihng on it.