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How did you discover Diplomacy?

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    No one else discovered Diplomacy?

    Most of you play without ever learning how???


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      Back in those days, I came in looking for more posts (seriously). Then I kinda picked up the game...... Might come back soon, maybe 1 game (I'm not going to majorly NMR like last time, where I had practically no time to do anything left)... Meh, these days I'll be happy getting those last 20 so posts to Emperor.
      *grumbles about work*


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        Well as I've never played more than a couple of games I'm hardly "good" at it. I'm looking forward to playing a game over apolyton when I have some time, and with patient people not minding showing the ropes to a newbie.

        The very first time I played this game was in Social Studies class, in grade 8. Our teacher showed us how to play and after all of our studies were done he would run us through the game, turn by turn throughout the semester.

        I picked up the game a couple of years ago and only played a couple of games with some friends from college. They've since moved and I've been SOL ever since.
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          Ok, now tell me of your most interesting experiences and games.