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Onion dip spring 1905

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  • Onion dip spring 1905

    Wow, one single country changing ownership... and that one being Wales! Why would anyone want Wales? Rain or sheep?

    F Edi -> Nth Failed, Nth not vacant
    F Nth -> Eng Bounce, 1:1
    A Lon S A Wal HOLD
    A Wal HOLD Dislodged, 3:2, retreat to Yor or OTB
    F Den HOLD

    F Tus > Tyn
    A Vie > Gal
    A Trl > Vie
    A Tri > Ser Bounce, 2:1
    F Adr > Ion Bounce, 2:1

    A Bel-Wal
    F ENG C A Bel-Wal
    F IRI S A Bel-Wal
    F Lvp S A Bel-Wal
    F Bre-Pic
    A Ruh-Mun Bounce, 1:1
    A Hol H
    A Kie-Den Bounce, 2:1
    A Ber-Mun Bounce, 1:1
    F Mar-LYO
    A Pie-Mar

    F Tun S F Eas -> Ion
    F Eas -> Ion
    F Con -> Aeg
    F Smy -> Eas
    A Ank -> Smy
    A Rum S A Bud
    A Bud S A Bul -> Ser
    A Bul -> Ser
    A Mos S A Ukr -> War Broken by Stp
    A Ukr -> War Bounce, 1:1

    A Stp -> Mos Bounce, 1:1

    Germany (Made up by my labmate)
    A War S A Stp -> Mos

    Map at

    Let me know if there are any mistakes... Might very well be, as I'm kind of stressed

    Retreat ASAP, next deadline friday
    Gnu Ex Machina - the Gnu in the Machine

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    Map error - French F Bre should be in Picardy.

    I don't know what's stressing you CyberGnu but I hope you clear it up soon...

    Once again, big thanks to all our GMs.
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      Eng retreat to Yor


      Right now it is the combination of papers to be written and the fact that my parents when they came to visit me stayed twice as long as I thought they would. Which was great, don't get me wrong, it's just that my schedlude ended up thouroughly verkackt...

      I'll try to do the best I can, guys!

      And I won't let this thing be abandoned, it is way to interesting for that

      Map updated :-)
      Gnu Ex Machina - the Gnu in the Machine


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        Well, I'm leaving tommorow to England for 4 weeks and won't be able to send orders, unless we have here someone who is going to meet me in Manchester so he can give me the map, and I'll give him the orders.
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