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ADCT01 Game C, Spring 1903 Moves

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  • SnowFire
    I wasn't going to send "Recieved" messages to everybody because I thought I could simply post the moves last night. However, I was missing one set. I got an ICQ message today from Taurus saying he'll get them in within 2 hours, so I figured I'm still going to be posting them pretty soon, no need to send confirmations.

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  • Dr. Nick
    Snowie, did you get my moves?

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  • reismark
    Originally posted by El Awrence
    I was waiting for reismark to talk to me, I sent him several messages asking him to parley!


    I didn't get any messages from you - the only one who replied to my Spring communiques was Austria

    Talk to me now at - your situation can still be salvaged...

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  • Dr. Nick
    I was waiting for reismark to talk to me, I sent him several messages asking him to parley!


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  • SnowFire
    Just so you know, if you sent moves to me, you have not recieved a confirmed yet. This is intentional. If you want to know why, look in the OT back a few pages for a thread by me on Win98 driver problems.

    Once my real computer is back up and running again, I might actually start recording the orders in a .txt file, when the moves have really been recieved.

    In other news, the deadline is extended to Friday, since that's probably the earliest I'll have my real computer running, knowing my luck.

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  • SnowFire
    started a topic ADCT01 Game C, Spring 1903 Moves

    ADCT01 Game C, Spring 1903 Moves

    My apologies to El Awrence; I got a letter from him on Thursday saying "No!" However, I didn't receive any moves. So I recommend sending letters to France to both ck as well as EA for the duration of this switch, since it seems EA will be back soon. Perhaps.

    Anyway, Italy has decided that if at first you don't succeed, try, try again, and this time made it into the MAO. The Austrian armies played cards while the navy actually left the shore for once. Well, at least one of the navies. Some Russians stopped in for a quick tiddlywink game with the snoozing Austrian soldiers in Galicia, but so did the Hungarian division of the Austrian army, who ended up winning the tournament. The Turkish soldiers had an exciting season running first this way and then the other way and ended up exactly where they started- which was in fact true of the Russians who recieved orders, as well. England has also moved her navies to the Norwegian Sea, "strictly to protect law-abiding Russian fisherman," according to the ambassador. The Russian consulate in Norway declined to comment. Or rather, they didn't so much decline as it was that there was nobody there to comment, having there been a hastily painted "Out to Lunch" sign on the wall for the past few days.

    Moves are due on Thursday!

    Spring 1903

    Italy (His Divine Shadow)
    A Ven sup. Piedmont
    A Piedmont sup. Ven
    F WMed to Mid-Atl. Ocean
    F Tyr. to WMed

    Austria (RUFFHAUS 8)
    F Trieste - Albania
    F Greece - Aegean Sea
    A Bulgaria - hold
    A Serbia supports A Bulgaria - hold
    A Budapest supports A Galicia - hold
    A Galicia - hold

    Turkey (Taurus)
    1) A Con to Bul. (*bounce*)
    2) A Arm to Smy. (*bounce*)
    3) F Bla to Sev. (*bounce*)

    Russia (Chazzy)
    A-WAR>GAL (*bounce*)
    F-SEV S A-RUM (*cut*)
    A-SYR>SMY (*bounce*)
    A-StP S F-NOR

    England (Reismark)
    A Denmark SUPPORT F Sweden (*cut*)
    F Sweden SUPPORT A Denmark
    F Edinburgh-Norwegian Sea
    F North Sea SUPPORT F Edinburgh-Norwegian Sea
    F English Channel SUPPORT French A Belgium

    Germany (Coug)
    A Mun - Bur (*bounce*) 1:2
    A Ruh - Bel (*bounce*) 2:2
    A Hol S Ruh - Bel
    F Kie - Den (*bounce*)

    France (connorkimbro subbing for El Awrence)
    A Bre > Pic
    A Par > Bur
    A Mar S A Par > Bur
    A Bel S A Par > Bur (*cut*)
    F Spa S F Lyo
    F Lys S F Spa