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ADCT: The Tournament of Champions W1907

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  • ADCT: The Tournament of Champions W1907

    Turkey prepares to bite the dust, with Germany just trailing behind. But what does this English invasion of Denmark mean? Is Russia simply prolonging the suffering of the French and Italians for his own sadomasochist amusement? In any case, this game is quickly over. All that's left is two more. Check, indeed.

    England (Ruffhaus)
    Build F Lvp

    France (Chazzy)
    Build F Bre, A Mar

    Germany (Berzerker)
    Disband A Sil, F Hel

    Italy (Iain Lindley)
    No change; F Tun retreats to Ion

    Russia (Defiant)
    Build F Sev

    Turkey (Talon)
    Disband F Adr, A Alb

    Spring 1908 Moves due Friday May 4th, 2001
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