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  • How do you play ... ?

    This forum looks very, very interesting.

    I've been an avid player on warforums for almost two years now, although never have I come in contact with Diplomacy.

    If anybody would be willing to post some basics, rules, overviews, strategies, and offers to assume the helm of a nation on this thread, I'd be most grateful.

    "These men are extremely well-disciplined, and they have a history of engaging in such activities that will serve us well. They will appear spontaneous and ideologically motivated. These men carry their own cover and will not be tracable to us."

    - G. Gordon Liddy on his special teams prior to Watergate

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    Try reading this site out first. If you have questions or comments e-mail them or post them here. Then try following along some of the game and eventually you'll pick it up. Replacement positions are routinely opeing for games.

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