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San Andreas Dip - Winter 1903 Earthquake

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  • San Andreas Dip - Winter 1903 Earthquake

    Let's see. A lot of things apparently have been undone here, as the two coasts of Trieste, the Neapolitian land bridge, and the good ol' Denmark/Skaggerak coastline all have been recreated. However, we have some interesting moves here. Relations between Russia and England seem more hostile than ever as England moves Silesia away from Munich and Russia shifts Sweden back from the North Sea. Austria graces us with our first-ever OTB seismic order as the Tyrrhenian Sea spills off the board. And, as usual, Italy is throwing province after province in front of the advancing French army.

    Austria (Midshipman)
    Tunis and North Africa separate, Tyrrhenian Sea and OTB connect

    England (Ruffhaus)
    Munich and Silesia separate, Bohemia and Berlin connect

    France (Napoleon)
    Tyrrhenian Sea and Ionian Sea separate, Tunis and Naples connect

    Germany (SnowFire)
    English Channel and North Sea separate, Belgium and London connect

    Italy (Defiant)
    Venice and Piedmont separate, Tyrolia and Tuscany connect

    Russia (Victor Galis)
    Sweden and North Sea disconnect, Skaggerak and Denmark connect

    Turkey (WarVoid)
    Albania and Tyrolia separate, Trieste and Adriatic Sea connect


    Now, due to the creation of a lot of new coasts, we're going to have to wait for players to place their fleets:

    ENGLAND - F London
    RUSSIA - F Trieste
    AUSTRIA - F Tunis

    Ruffhaus, Victor, Midshipman, please turn in your choices immediately. Thanks.
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    north coast
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      I must say I love to watch how this game progresses.
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        West Coast... excellent the Russian Adriatic fleet
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          East Coast


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            Thanks for being so prompt, guys. Let's see. Spring 1904 Moves due Wednesday March 7, 2001
            The honorary duty of a human being
            is to love, I am human and nothing
            human can be alien to me.

            -Maya Angelou