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    Thanks Sahib. The map will be revised acording to your decisions. For those of you who wonder why I ALWAYS write out the full name of the provinces in my orders, this is why. It leaves no room for interpretation. And as we are finding out in the WM, not all GMs are as accomodating as Sahib has just been.

    As a suggestion concerning the use of abbreviations, most GM's have a section in their house rules on the matter. Generally most of them agree to accept abbreviations, but place the burden of clarification on the player submitting orders. On occasion the GM will list the abbreviations to be used. However, I think it's unrealistic to expect everyone to have the RealPolitik software, which doesn't even bother to use the text on the map.

    Sorry for butting in too much to a game that isn't really my concern.


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      OK, I see that everything is fine.

      Siro, sorry for almost causing you trouble.
      In the end it's the South Coast, right?

      BTW, Sahib, have you checked with WarVoid the reason of him being NMR. He told me that he sent his orders.

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        yes, I checked and there is no mail from him with moves. I wrote him an email just today asking if he has a copy of his supposed mail in his sent-mail folder, to forward it to me. But basically the ruling stands: NMR. I have recieved mail from everybody else, but not from him. And if he cannot present any mailer-demon notice from my provider, there is no indication that it was a problem on my side.


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          I'M HERE!!!

          My email is screwed up therefore my orders musn't have gotten through.

          I already sent my next orders so anyone that needs to speak to me either send me and email, ICQ note or both...


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            Wow, this is one weird game.

            People constantly have computer breakdowns and such, and every turn someone NMRs.

            And this is just a "newbies" game.

            Oh, well, it still can be fun though.

            Taurus, sorry for being mad. But please don't ask "kitback" questions as long as you don't have it in your interest (ie my fleet moved to attack you or smthn... not that I would do such a thing ).


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              Austrias retreat is due!!!!! Post it here, Builder! Soon!


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                Sahib, Eli/Builder (Austria) already posted his retreat. I think he just changed his Apolyton user name.


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                  Ooops, sorry. You know, I´ll turn 30 this year. At this age sight and hearing weaken, I´m afraid I just didn´t see Eli´s retreat. Call me blind.


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