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ADCT: The Tournament of Champions F1901

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  • Gibsie
    Damn, I'm sure that's how Snowfire decided to attack the right SC in a similar situation in Dip 9...

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  • Defiant
    I might have outwitted myself, it came down to a coin toss,

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  • Gibsie
    I bloody well hope not!

    It's psychology... Budapest would be the "obvious" choice for him to go for, and for me to defend, so I thought he'd go for Vienna to try and hurt me... unforunately, he seems to have outwitted me in that respect

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  • LordStone1
    Well, this is probably out of place for me to say, being the GM and all, but I was rather surprised when you chose to defend Vienna. You've had much (maybe too much) experience as Austria, and anyone can see that Budapest is much easier to defend by Russia than Vienna is (due to the Galicia/Rumania border). In any case, you have one build and you can seize that to take back Budapest. We can't have our ADCT:B Solo Champion going away within 2 game years, can we?

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  • Gibsie
    Lol... how did I know that whatever home SC I chose to protect Defiant'd go for the other?

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  • LordStone1
    started a topic ADCT: The Tournament of Champions F1901

    ADCT: The Tournament of Champions F1901

    Well, the first year of ADCT: THE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS has gone by with quite a bang. We've seen openings unlike any others, as well as extremely high levels of hostility as each player realizes they're facing six other champions. This is not the ordinary F1901 map. England has a rare lease on Denmark, while Russia gets a seldom-seen triple build. Indeed, only two countries appear to be proceeding normally - France and Italy. All others have taken a markedly different direction in their quest for world conquest. But enough talk. Here are the results.


    Austria (Gibster) (1 build)
    F Alb-Gre
    A Ser S F Alb-Gre
    A Tri-Vie

    England (Ruffhaus) (2 builds)
    F Nwg-Nwy
    F Nth C A Edi-Den
    A Edi-Den

    France (Chazzy) (2 builds)
    F MAO-Por
    A Mar-Spa
    A Bur-Mun (bounce)

    Germany (Bezerker) (2 builds)
    A Kie-Mun (bounce)
    A Ruh-Bel
    F Hol S A Ruh-Bel

    Italy (Iain Lindley) (1 build)
    A Nap-Tun
    F Ion C A Nap-Tun
    A Ven H

    Russia (Defiant) (3 builds)
    A Gal-Bud
    A Ukr-Gal
    F GoB-Swe
    F Rum H

    Turkey (Talon) (1 build)
    A Bul-Gre (fail)
    F Con-Aeg
    A Smy-Con

    Winter 1901 Builds due Thursday, January 18th, 2001