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Alien Dip Fall 2003 Results

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  • Alien Dip Fall 2003 Results

    builds/disbands/retreats due wendesday

    Federation (Defiant) (1 build)
    A-Lit > GDA
    A-Kra > War
    A-Lat S A-Bie > Mos (support cut)
    A-Kie > COL
    A-CRP S A-Bie > Mos
    A-Bie > Mos

    Rap’tor (Talon) (1 disband)
    A ROs H (unit dislodged, retreats to ORB)
    A Kha->Vol

    Foundation (Midshipman) (0 builds)
    A Orb - Bos
    F Adr - Cro (move fails)
    A Alb - Serb (move fails)
    A Ode - Mol
    A Rum S A Pod-Hun
    A Pod - Hun
    A Sev - Don

    Centurians (Chaz) (0 builds)
    A-BOR S A-PAR (support cut)
    A-BEL>PIC (move fails)
    A-HOL S A-BEL (support cut)

    Tiara (Barbarossa) (0 builds)
    A Sve-Gib
    A And S Sve-Gib
    A Mad H
    A Nav-Bor (move fails)

    NIM Republic (Imran) (0 builds)
    A(Ham)-Hol (move fails)
    A(Ber) S A(Ruh)-Fra

    Universe of Allied Nations (WarVoid) (1 disband (in case you’re wondering WarVoid you can
    disbadn that army in ORB))
    F Eng Col Bri
    A Bri > Par (move fails)
    A Pic S A Bri > Par (support cut)
    A Orb > Als

    Aquaticans (Iain Lindley) (0 builds if retreating unit retreat, 1 build if it disbands)
    A Sax-Aus
    A Mil COL Mil
    A Swi H
    A Hun-Ser (move fails, unit dislodged, can retreat to Slo or ORB or disband)
    A Cro S A Hun-Ser (support cut)
    A Mun COL Als (colonization effort fails)

    Hodadian Federation (Mao) (1 disband)
    A Mos-StP (move fails, unit dislodged, retreats to ORB)
    A Gor S Mos-StP

    Laguzans (SnowFire) (2 builds)
    F EME->Ion
    F Izm->Aeg
    A Ank->Ist
    A Geo COL Ank
    A Vol->Ros
    A Cau S A Vol->Ros
    A Isr->Orb
    A Sau COL Sau
    A Irn COL Arm
    A Orb->Izm

    Protectors (Victor G.) (2 builds)
    A Lyo Col Lyo
    F GoL S A Auv-Bar
    A Auv-Bar
    F WMed S A Auv-Bar
    F Lig Col Pie
    A Mor-Orb
    A Orb-Lat
    A Orb-Pru
    A Orb-Ven

    Tar Egladilnai (Coug) (1 build)
    A Fin Col Mur
    A Mur - Gor (move fails)
    A A Stp S A Mur - Gor (support cut)
    A Den - Ham

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    Victor is after me

    The power ranking?
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      Why did the move from Albania to Serbia fail?
      But I kick that ball, and I pray it goes straight,
      If it does, then Coach says, "Good job number eight."
      He doesn't even no my name is Andre Kristacovitchlalinski, Jr.
      But that's the life I live...Lonesome Kicker


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        It bounced 1:1 with A Hun->Ser, which had its support cut. So the move failed and Army Hungary was sitting back in its home base when the rampaging Podolians came through and dislodged it.

        Trust me, I'd prefer that army in Serbia too.

        Edit: And oh yes, mistake on the map. Victor's A Mor should be nonexistent.
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        Therefore this is not a syllogism.