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  • Dip20 Winter 1873 Results

    Winter 1873

    CSA (Defiant)
    F Flo
    F Rich.

    Austria (Gibster) NBR!
    GM Selects: A Ser

    Japan (Mao)
    Disbands: A Vla
    A Cmb

    Australia (LordStone1)
    A N.Terr
    F Vic

    Germany (Talon)
    F Kie(wc)
    A Ber

    South Africa (Boshko)
    A Rho
    F Trans
    F Cape

    India (RUFFHAUS)
    F Madras

    Map is at

    If you want to make a better one than that LS1, be my guest.

    Power Ranking:
    1. South Africa- With a virtually impenetrable base of operations and abundant allies, nothing can stop South Africa. Once the Med is flooded with those dark grey fleets, it'll only be a matter of time before a convoy makes it through the tightly knit Austrian defense. And while South America will be no easy conquest, the beachhead has been established, and as more South African builds pile onto that area, the Confederates will be pushed back... the possibility of an Australian or USA assault on the Confederacy is but an added bonus, especially since such attacks would probably help South Africa more than the stabber.

    2. Australia- Like South Africa, Australia has an easily defensible homeland, and with the coming demise of Japan, will be the undisputed master of the Pacific. The real question is where Australia shall turn her wrath next. Both a joint attack on the CSA holdings in South America as well as a stab of the closer and more convenient, but mostly loyal Indians seem possible, and whatever decision Australia makes, it shall rule her game for at least the next 4 years.

    3. USA- This scrappy upstart has surprising control over its own affairs, and has a reasonable chance of success no matter what it does. France, trapped between the USA herself and Prussia, will shortly be eliminated. The builds from this victory can then be used to roll up an attack on Prussia. American superiority on the seas would mean that while Prussia could frustrate attempts to land an army for some time, the Hun will never be able to decisively force the Americans back, without help.

    The other path open to the Americans is to stab their southern bretheren in conjunction with South Africa. America could profit quite well off of that, and certainly make herself better off- but would the unstabalizing dominance of South Africa, and hence greater chance of a South African solo which would cancel all the work done so far, make it not worth it?

    4. India- The rajah has bright times ahead... as long as the Australians stay loyal upon the death of Japan. India is a young and somewhat small country comparatively, but it is lucky enough to be caught on the winning side of the war, and can use this to its advantage quite well. The eventual conquest of Iran and Central Russia will cement India's position as a country strong enough to take on even mighty South Africa. As long as nothing disastrous happens in the meanwhile.

    5. Austria- Make no mistake, the Emperor is still a powerful force. But the continuation of an Indian-South African alliance only spells consant, unceasing retreat. And Prussia to the north is to be wary of. Austria must keep Prussia honest while somehow figuring out a way to stop the alliance bulldozing him- perhaps by convincing the nation of kangaroos & coral reefs to "distract" the Indian menace?

    6. Tie: Prussia & CSA- Prussia and the CSA are more alike then you would think. Both are large nations. Both are also powerless nations. Each is being attacked by a fleet-borne power (USA & South Africa) that it can never defeat, only defend against. And that is why they rank below Austria- the threat of musty stagnation looms large over both. They really have nowhere left to grow, and can only sit and react to their oppressors. A CSA stab of the US would be downright stupid and send the South Africans into a victory dance. A Prussian stab of Austria would be a slightly better idea, perhaps netting a few centers, but also causing a cataclysmic decompression in the Middle East and Southern Europe, letting in new and much worse demons called "South Africa" and "India."

    The best thing these powers can do is sit down, wait it out on defense, and hope somebody else weakens their attackers enough for them to stop playing defense.

    80. Japan: With no shot of defending the homeland, Japan makes a run for the Americas. Too bad the shore defenses were waiting for them. Oops.

    90. France- You can only run for so long before fate catches up with you...

    Moves are due Monday, the 14th. Get in your moves now, though- you can always change them later, and that way you won't NMR when the date rolls arond.
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    All syllogisms have three parts.
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    Yeah! tied for #6! woohoo! I'm movin on up in this game!


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      Your analysis are complete and concise, however, "impotent this". Moves will be coming in soom from the stagnant CSA.
      Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

      (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell


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        Yeesh. Fine, new rankings.

        1. Everybody! You all rule! You will all solo. You deserve a medal and lots of trophies and hugs and kisses.

        If you want just plain rankings without comments, say so. I remind you that nothing is personal, just an analysis of the position- and if you think it's that bad an analysis, then show me up and prove me wrong! The only ranking that counts is the final standings.

        Just a reminder, impotent means powerless, not just its uh, other meaning. I think that the "powerless" meaning was clearly what I was aiming for there.

        And if it makes you feel better, I will say that 1-7 is still a very close race. I mean, if you could muster all 7 of your fleets against Boshko's 6 at once (note to Boshko: Yes, you have more than 6 fleets, but the fleet in Tunis doesn't really matter), then I may well be wrong... but time will tell.
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        All syllogisms have three parts.
        Therefore this is not a syllogism.


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          Geeezzzzz, Snowie, so personal. I really do appreciate your analysis, it is probably right on target, however I don't like the word impotent or for that matter, powerless, how about "I'm in Strategic Revision."
          Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

          (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell


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            Clarification: F SOJapan on the map DOES NOT EXIST.

            The people whom this information affects have been informed.
            All syllogisms have three parts.
            Therefore this is not a syllogism.