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Tour Dip C Spring 1905 Results

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  • Tour Dip C Spring 1905 Results

    England (Coug)
    F Ska - Swe (move fails)
    F Nth - Nor
    Rest H (F Bre dislodged, can retreat to Eng or Mao)

    France (Chezzy)
    1) F- Sth Spain S A-Mar
    2) A-Mar S F-Sth Spain
    3) A-Gas S A-Pic>Bre
    4) A-Pic> Bre

    Germany (Defiant)
    A-Den > Swe
    F-Bal S A-Den > Swe
    F-Kie > Den
    A-Bel S A-Hol
    A-Hol S A-Bel
    A-Pru > War
    A-Mos S A-Pru > War
    A-Ber > Pru

    Italy (Talon)
    A Smy->Ank (move fails)
    F Con S A Smy->Ank
    F Aeg H
    F Ion->Tun
    A Pie->Spa (move fails)
    F Lyo CONVOY A Pie->Spa

    Russia (Victor G.)
    A Livonia S A StP
    A StP S A Livon
    A Ank H
    F Bla S A Ank

    Austria (berzerker)
    A Ukraine > Rum
    A Sev > S Mosc
    A Bud > Trie
    A Vie > Tyr
    A Tyr > Ven
    F Gre > Ion
    A Ser > Gre
    A Bul > S Ukr > Rum

    well nice Austrian stab of Italy. By the end of the year all of Italy will be conquered. Wow.

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    I tip my hat to Berzerker, ruthless just plain ruthless. How about a date for the Fall 1905 moves??