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Tour Dip C Fall 1904 Results

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  • Tour Dip C Fall 1904 Results

    builds/disbands due Monday

    England (Coug) (0 builds)
    A Lon - Nor (move fails)
    A Nth C A Lon - Nor
    F Den - Swe (move fails, unit dislodged, can retreats to Ska)
    Eng - Bre

    Italy (Talon) (0 builds)
    A Mar->Pie
    F Tyn->Lyo
    F Apu->Ion
    A Con->SMy
    F Aeg CONVOY A Con->Smy
    F SMy->Con

    Russia (Victor G.) (2 disbands)
    F Nor-Swe (move fails)
    A Liv S A Mos (support cut)
    A Mos S A Liv (support cut, unit dislodged, retreats to StP)
    A Ank H
    F Bla-Rum (move fails)

    France (Chaz) (0 builds)
    1) A- Gas S A-Bur>Mar
    20 F- South Spain S A-Bur>Mar
    3) A-Bur>Mar
    4) A- Bre> Pic

    Germany (Defiant) (2 builds)
    1.A-Bel S A-Hol
    2.A-Hol S A-Bel
    3.A-Kiel > Den
    4.F-Bal S A-Kiel > Den
    5.A-Pru > Liv (move fails)
    6.A-War > Mos

    Austria (berzerker) (1 build)
    A Alb > Ser
    F Bul (sc) > Gre
    A Rum > Sev
    A Bud > Rum (move fails)
    A Ser > Bul
    A Ukr > S War > Mos
    A Pie > Tyr

    Turkey (made up by me) (1 disband)
    A Arm-Ank (move fails)

    Power Rank
    #1 Austria: The Austrian juggernaut continues its expansion. Will Italy or Germany be next?
    The rest of this power ranking assumes that Germany will be attacked by Austria relatively soon.
    If that doesn’t happen my predictions will be WAY off.
    #2 Italy: Very neat little tactical convoy. If the Austria/Italy alliance holds the reconquest of the
    Riviera and the conquest of Iberia is only a matter of time. Of course Itay had sent the Nap fleet
    west this spring it could be in WMe right now were it’d be a lot more useful. Oh well, it’ll get
    there eventually.
    #3 England: England can’t hold Bre and might even get a disband next year. But England is
    very secure and will probably be able to scavenge some of Russian Scandinavia and possibly be
    able to strike back at Germany in a while.
    #4 Germany: Big but badly over-extended. If Austria wants Moscow he can take it, and it’ll be
    hard for the Germans to hold the Mun/Sil/War for the long haul especially with possible
    harassment to his rear. The only thing that’ll preserve Germany power is an immediate
    Italy/Austria war.
    #5 France: Those Italian fleets are eventually going to start really hurting France. Engish
    harassment doesn’t help matters any. But France is pretty defensible and could hold out for a
    damn long time and still has a shot at taking part in a draw.
    #6 Russia: Ouch. You’re pretty much doomed.

  • #2
    Curse that non-existant Turk. He was supposed to go for the nice open Sev. That would have been really nice. Also, I only have one disband. I lost a unit in Spring, remember?

    At least I'm not in last... I guess that's good.
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