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  • Second War of Uruguayan Indipendance
    Last week, in an effort to break stalemate, the Argentine troops were reinforced in Colonia by 20,000 Regulars (half of them cavalry) supported by 20 Guns and in Montevideo by 20 Guns.

    Battle of Colonia
    All night and day, the Argentine guns pundered at the Uruguayan positions in order to weaken their strength.
    At around 1700 hours, General Roca ordered the attack. Covered by forests west of Montevideo, 20,000 men in the II and III Heavy Cavalry Corps would march all the way to the flank of the Uruguayan positions.
    A runner was sent to the site with the orders and the Coronel Velazquez initiated a charge into the Uruguayan armies that were posted in a thin line around the north of the city. With the western flank broken by the charge, the cavalry headed back to the forests to regroup.
    But while they retreated back into the forest, the Uruguayans managed to quickly regroup and counter the attack with obsolete musket fire, causing several Argentine casualties.
    Casualties to present:
    Argentina: 750 estimate
    Uruguay: 2,100 estimate

    After the regrouping, the cavalry was split into three groups in order to envelope the Uruguayan resistance. The remnants were few, but determined. Due to an error of miscalculation, the Argentine resumed their fire during this manouvre and caused heavy casualties on both sides. The Uruguayans managed to regroup themselves into squares to ward of the Cavalry that was charging again. At the last moment, a Uruguayan Light Cavalry brigade appeared when the battle seemed to be decided.
    Then, the infantry was ordered to confront the cavalry. Using the modern Remington Rifles, the Uruguayan cavalry was almost exterminated by the firepower of the superior Argentine equipment. Finally, the remnants of the Uruguayan army fled to the hills farther north while the Argentine regrouped.
    Result: Argentine Victory
    Argentine: 2,500 Cavalry and 2,000 regulars
    Uruguayan: 3,500 Cavalry (estimated) and 3,800 regulars

    Battle of Mercedes
    Covered by forests and night, the I Artillery, IV Heavy Cavalry and V Regulars advanced onto the town of Mercedes in Uruguay. Here, the Uruguayans had been expecting an invasion and had fortified themselves. This, and their numbers, came as a surprise to the Argentine commander, who had been expecting little or no resistance.
    At first, the Uruguayan guns opened fire on the Argentine columns and these disperesed into the forest. The Argentine guns, which had taken a long time to deploy, opened fire after losing half their numbers to enemy artillery fire.
    But a reconnaisance party went close enough to Mercedes to notice that no walls defended the city and so Capitan Garcia ordered the Cavalry to move around the city. They would divert artillery fire to the east and, aided by their swiftness, avoid most of it, so that the infantry could approach from the west.
    At sunbreak, the charge began and the Uruguayans were surprised to find the cavalry coming in from the east, misjudged the numbers, and sent the infantry to meet them. But they weren't fast enough and the cavalry soon broke the enemy lines. But the infantry began its march and the Uruguayan commander realised what the tactic was and ordered his guns to hold their fire. When the infantry was well in range, they opened fire and the confused infantry took heavy losses. Before the battle was over almost half the company had been obliterated. But the cavalry wiped out the remnants of infantry attempted to get to the guns, but the determined civilians began to attack them from their houses with boiling water and muskets from their rooftops. When the cavalry had reached the guns, these had been abandoned by the fearful Uruguayans but destroyed previously.
    The battle resulted as a tactical victory for the Argentinian forces.
    Argentine: 4,500 Heavy cavalry, 6,000 regulars, 15 guns.
    Uruguayan: 5,000 regulars and 20 guns.

    Meanwhile, scouts report that the loyal populations of Paysandu and Salto, fearing another invasion, are moving towards Tacuarembo and are employing a scorched earth policy.

    And in the port of Maldonado, two Argentine frigates have opened fire on the port and have rendered it useless.

    Meanwhile, President Sarmiento has announced that victory over the Uruguayans is imminent.


    To US:
    We wish to purchase more rifles from you in order to continue the Uruguayan Campaign. We shall purchase more Remington Rifles and pay $15 a piece. We wish to purchase 50,000, totalling a payment of $75,000. If you do not agree to our price, name a new one.
    We also hope that you will aid us in the eventual case of Sweden invading the Americas in the good name of the Monroe Doctrine, which we also wish to be held true.
    All you have to do is boast the Doctrine and military power and the Swedish might hold down their invasion in fear of your fleet.

    As soon as we end our Uruguayan campaign, the Anglo-Argentine community wishes to help in any conflict in Transvaal and we hope to send food, volunteer troops, you name it.
    We also wish to make assertions as to the future of the Malvinas.
    We wish to assure to you that we do not sell poisoned meat and the Vice-President Alsina is travelling to Europe to celebrate the trip due to the recent fever of Sarmiento.
    To prove that Argentine meat isn't poisoned he will personnally attend the port in London, select an Argentine cow of the British ships bound from BA of your choice, will supervise the slaughter and the hiding and will cook the meat of the cow and he will eat it for dinner in the presence of your excellency.
    Any other world leaders may attend that dinner in order to ensure it's veracity.

    To JAPAN:
    Your new empire, we see, requires to open up to the trade of Argentine products: wools, beef, cereals and hides. We wish to hold a conference to ensure a peace treaty between our two nations.

    To SWEDEN:
    Firstly, we have proven the lack of backing of your accusations. All cows sold is live and we don't send our ships abroad: the foreign ships come to BA to buy the meat.
    Secondly, no trade is done with Sweden. Therefore you cannot have bought Argentine cows or consumed Argentine meat.
    Lastly, Argentina is NOT the most important beef producer of the world.

    To GERMANY: (OOC: there should be a serious looking or reverent looking face)
    IC: We hope that your Kaiser will desist of supporting Sweden after hearing that Argentina has proved her accusations wrong and has therefore no reason for despising Argentinian products.

    It is with great grief that I announce that we, the people of Argentina, wish to call upon an international conference to sanction the Swedish for slandering raised against the growing economy of Argentina.
    We therefore invite the US, Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Russia and Japan to act as jurors and mediate the conference.
    The Argentine delegate shall open the conference, then the Swedish delegate may present his defense and then the jurors shall post their individual decision and a vote will be made upon the final decision and sanction.
    I ask those jurors to remain impartial and objective and I also wish to thank them for their interest in South American affairs.
    Presidente Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

    Custom's Act: all imported products shall be taxed 15% of their production cost value per item or good and these payments shall be delivered to the Customs house in Puerto de Buenos Aires.
    Ley Sarmiento: The vote is now secret and obligatory and is extended to all citizens over 21.
    Women Suffrage Act: All women over the age of 21 are allowed to vote and are equal in rights and duties as the men.

    Aberdeen Angus arrives in Argentina!
    This bettered breed of beef cattle hopes to increase quality of Argentine meat over the next twenty years.

    New Coal mines in Rio Turbio!
    These are located up river in the coridellera de los Andes. In five years we hope to compete with the minor powers in this market.

    New Railway under construction!
    It goes from Rio Turbio to Neuquen where it joins with the line Neuquen-Buenos Aires. It will allow a rapid transport of coal to the international market. It is a British concession. The new railway, which extends for almost 900 kilometres will hope to be finished in a year.

    Argentine waters declared whaling free zones!
    This new law asserts that any non authorized whaling ship in Argentine waters will proceed to be captured or sunk by the Argentine navy.

    Swedish whaling boat captured in Argentine military waters!
    Yesterday, the Fragata Libertad spotted a ship in Argentine territorial waters flying the Swedish flag and pursued it. After a brief battle, the Swedish boat was captured and it was found that its holds contained the carcasses of 2 whales that were hunted in Argentine waters without government permission. The Argentine government demands a fine of 50,000 pesos oro to be paid for the release of the boat and its sailors.

    New Military Corps founded
    These new forces shall be trained in rugged terrain warfare, especially alpine combat. This new force comprises 20,000 men that are being trained to serve in this special elite corp.

    OOC: Hodad claims weekend amnesty from all other foreign powers. No invasion can begin on weekends and will not be responded till Monday. But in this case, Monday is labour day, so this week, they won't be responded till Tuesday.
    So to any invading forces.
    Till Monday.
    And, Bearcat, why the private vendetta? It's personal, right?


    • OOC - Hodad it's not personal. And it never started personal in the Big Thread either. I was asked to make it look like an assaniation attempt. However if you and HsFB don't learn how to edit your multi-posts I am going to make it personal


      To Russia - Our foreign affairs are none of your freaking business. If you do not back down we will declare war on you as well. Unlike you are forces may be small but they are better trained. It is well known that the Tsar went for quantity over quality. And you haven't had enough time to reverse that. So we are not going to cower under your threats. We spit on you!!!


      • Russia: We will help our Swedish friends if need be. We hope it will not come to this point.
        Lo there do I see my father
        Lo there do I see my mother
        and my sisters and my brothers
        Lo there do I see the line of my people
        back to the begining
        Lo they do call to me
        They bid me take my place among them
        in the Halls of Valhalla
        where the brave may live forever


        • His majesty makes a declaration of Neutrality in the war between Sweden and Argentina. Citing the location of the combatants and the small worth of their nations to the empire, he feels it is not worth the effort of intervention.

          Japanese troops have captured the cities of Kangnun, Chunchon, Seoul and Haejon. Emperor Sukoto has proclaimed Korea as an Imperial Colony and all Korean citizens are now citizens of the Empire. All former soldiers and Chinese government officials are being deported to Siberia and the Kurile Islands to work in the Russian labor camps.

          To Orania: Your troops would be welcome in our campaign to claim Korea and Manchuria. They will gain incredible amounts of experience, especially in the repulsion and defeat of larger numbers of troops which you will undoubtedly face should the british fight you. For your participation, you will be given the island of Cheju Do in the Korea Strait.

          To Britain: Please do not interfere in our China campaign, we are only interested in the Korea and Manchuria provinces for Imperial colonies.

          To Argentina: We gladly accept your offer of food and supplies for our nation. We can pay with either currency or military supplies, whichever you decide.

          To Russia: Please do not start a war, we are not in any position to help you at this time, our armies are involved in heavy combat with the inumerable Chinese in northern Korea. We will only be able to morally help you and send supplies.

          To France: Stand down from your insane ways, as an outsider, we can see that you will be destroyed.
          We all know what Sodomy is, but does anyone actually know what Gomorrahmy is? I heard that bible thumpers are nazi hillbillies from Arkansas who crossbred with Martha Stewart and are also the gay lovechildren of Andy Warhol and Godzilla...but i cant remember where...oh wait Satan told me that at my Satan Church "Brainwash Children to be Homosexuals" Convention!


          • Ugh-I am sorry but I was sick today- just starting to fell better now- I will give you a 4-month battle post tommorow. Anyway foreign relations.



            Very well. All you need to do is get permission from Great Britain and Hand over Cuba, and you may begin your campaign in Peru and Ecuador.


            • Russian Democratic Union Declares war on Sweden

              The forces of the Union Army began their march into Sweden today. The First, Third, and Eighth Field Armies each made up of three corps a piece. The programs to equip all soldiers with guns has nearly completed its task and nearly 92% of the 750,000 strong army will be fully armed. The army is confident that the massive artillery barrage laid down by nearly four thousand howitzers and heavy cannon destroyed our put to ruin any defense the pathetic Swedish army may have had.

              Point Ob
              The terrain was difficult but the 250,000 strong Third field army advanced none the less. The artillery barrage had been devestating but the Swedes were no slouches, there border forts were made of concrete and plenty of it. It took the big railroad guns massive shells to bust up those heavy forts. But even with the big artillery the Swedes fought back pouring murderous fire on the advancing troops. Yet they advanced from the shear numbers and will power of their officers they advanced into the Swedes and broke their lines in three places. In each case shear numbers overwhelmed the brave, yet doomed Swedes. They fought as best they could but they were overwhelmed by the massive Russian numerical superiority. Like the Spartans at Thermoplayae, the Swedes held out often enormously out numbered running low on food and ammo they fought on, yet, like the tide, the Russians were relentless. You killed a thousand and ten thousand rished in after them.
              By the first week all of the Swedish frontier positions were overrun and the Russian were advancing at a furios pace attempting to seal the Swedish forces in the northern sector.

              Point Volga
              The Eighth field army had taken moderate casualties when they attacked the fortified frontier but now they were advancing into Northern Norway, and were to link up with the First field army near Ostersune. When the link up was complete the reinforcing Fifth field army would attack with the Eighth and take the rest of Norway, while the First and the Third would take Sweden out completly.
              As the Eighth army advanced the Swedish resistence mounted they were calling up their reserves and doing so quite urgently. The fighting in the forests of Sweden was getting quite intense as the Swedes began hit and run attacks on the Russian lines and civilians already overrun were begining to take up arms, only bow and arrow as firearms are exceedingly hard to acquire.
              The advance continues.....

              To all nations:

              Sweden and her lands are now provinces of the Russian Democratic Union. If you do not interfere with us we will ignore you and think of you as neutral. If you do we will kill any soldiers you foolishly bring into Sweden to stop our annexation. Sweden is Russian land now, and you will not stop us.
              [This message has been edited by Bolo (edited April 28, 2000).]
              If they aren't free by now then they can stay in jail


              • October, 1885

                Gold discovered in the Transvaal:
                The discovery of gold in the northern region of the Transvaal is expected to cause a gold rush into the area. Immigration will increase significantly and it is expected that the economy of the region will improve as a result, as the increased population will trade more and there will be more funds flowing through the Boer economy.

                OOC: This is a moderator posted event. I am trying something new for the thread. I will occasionally (about every other day) post an event pertaining to a nation in the thread. It should keep things interesting. You all react to the events. Not all of them will be positive, but none should be very drastic. Let me know what you think.


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