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Space Empires - Standards on Miliary

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  • Space Empires - Standards on Miliary

    MIs are built the minute you say they are.

    Light Vessels/Vehicles, etc take 1/2 day.

    Mediums take 1 day.

    Large take 1 1/2 - 2 days +.

    I'd like you to ICQ me about large things, and other things, because Battleships, for instance, take about 12-20 days to build.

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    And contribute if you can!

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    I don't know, maybe its just me, but I'd like to have a physical dimension to my ships, so I have an idea what I'm throwing around...

    How about these?

    Fighters: All between 12 and 16 meters long

    Heavy Fighter: 17-20 m

    Bomber: 17-20 m

    Gunboats: 100 m long

    Corvettes: 150 m long

    Frigates: 250 m long

    Light Carriers: 300 m long

    Medium Carriers: 400 m long

    Heavy Carriers: 500 m long

    Destroyers: 450 m long

    Cruisers: 600 m long

    Battlecruisers: 900 m long

    Battleships: 1200 m long

    Titans: 1500m long

    Behemoths: 2500+ m


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      Titans: 1200 m long

      Behemoths: 1500m long

      Battleships: 2500+ m
      Please Visit:

      And contribute if you can!


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        Hey, it's clearly unfeasible for all of the players to list everything they buy each turn. It's just not gonna happen - ot took me at least half an hour to work out my original purposes. How about you come up with big purchases that we can make, like a new fleet with all its armaments, upkeep, fighters and so on?


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          You don't have to buy something each turn.

          But, because of this, I may make a turn = 2 days.
          Please Visit:

          And contribute if you can!