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    I've done a quick scan of some of these books...

    Here are the final army figures for each nation (remember, large portions of your army should be kept behind to guard provinces, etc... the largest field battle at this time was Laffeld in 1747... with approximately 125,000 on teh British/Allied and 100,000 on the French side... with only 15,000 casualties total...)

    Piedmont-Savoy (as listed in War of Austria Succession): 30,000
    Spain: 130,000
    Prussia: 80,000
    France: 350,000
    Britain: 100,000
    Denmark: 75,000
    Sweden: 60,000
    Russia: 210,000
    Austria: 180,000
    Ottoman Empire: 260,000
    Naples: 45,000
    Bavaria: 35,000
    Portugal: 50,000
    Venetia: 20,000
    Papacy: 20,000
    Tuscany: 15,000
    Lombardy: 15,000
    Poland: 85,000
    Holland" 40,000

    Note that these are starting army figures, more can be raised than this as long as your budget allows for it. These are infantry, cavalry, and artillery numbers. Infantry are 70%, Cavalry are 20% and Artillery are 10% in terms of men totals... every 50 men equals 1 artillery gun (since you not only have gunners, but men who run the ammo dumps, etc.) so for instance, Holland has 40,000 troops together...4,000 of which run the artillery. Thus she has 80 guns at present in her forces.

    In terms of fleets, I don't have numbers yet, though I have foud material that lists the fleet strengths at this time... Right now I'm going to have us follow the basic EiA form, where your fleet is divided into heavy warships (ships of the line), light warships (frigates), privateers, and transports.


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      I mentioned commanders as well. I was also toyign with teh idea that randomly new commanders will appear at times ( some die roll) in different nations, which you can assign names and commands to...

      Since many nations had a strict seniority system, I've included after each commander's name his seniority... A is highest, while C is lowest. If you have two armies fighting a single foe, the commander with the highest seniority is in overrall command, and will be used for the die rolls. Commanders can gain seniority through winning on the battlefield... A royal commander (R) is someone in the royal family, who, if on the field, is automatically given total command, even over A seniority commanders...
      The marks are for ability, charisma, and aggressiveness
      The tenative commander list

      Marquis de Belle-Isle 2,2,1 A
      Maurice of Savoy 3,4,3 A
      Broglie 2,2,1 A
      Aremberg 2,3,2 A
      Prince of Conti 1,3,2 B
      Duc d'Harcourt 2,1,3 C
      Duc d'Coigny 3,2,2 A
      Duc d'Noailles 1,3,2 B
      Louis XV 1,4,3 R
      Count Maillebios 2,1,3 B
      Montcalm 4,4,4 C
      Marquis de Contades 2,1,1 A

      Count Gages 2,2,4 B
      Don Phillip 3,1,2 A

      Frederick II 5,4,5 R
      Schwerin 4,3,3 A
      Lehwaldt 2,3,3 C
      von Wuertemmburg 3,1,3 C
      v. Zieten 4,3,4 B
      Dessauer 2,1,3 B
      Prince Henry 3,3,2 B
      Brunswick 3,3,4 B
      von Fink 2,1,1 C
      Keith 3,1,3 B

      Neipperg 1,1,3 A
      Prince Charles of Lorraine 2,1,3 R
      Daun 2,2,2 B
      Nadasti 1,3,2 C
      Colloredo 2,1,2 B
      Lobowitz 2,1,2 B
      Browne 2,3,2 A
      Batthyany 1,2,1 C

      Sachen Weissenfells 2,1,2 A

      Apraksin 2,2,4 B
      Fermor 3,2,2 B
      Soltikov 3,4,3 A

      Traun 2,1,3 B
      Charles Emmanuel 4,3,5 R

      Duke of Cumberland 2,3,4 R
      Lord Stair 2,1,2 A
      Wade 1,3,1 A
      George II 2,5,4 R
      Braddock 1,2,2 C
      Eyre Coote 2,1,2 C
      Robert Clive 5,4,5 C
      Abercromby 1,2,1 C
      Amherst 3,2,3 C
      Wolfe 5,4,4 C

      Maximillian III 3,2,3 R

      Maurice of Nassau 2,2,1 B

      Grand Vizier 2,1,2 R


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        I would definately like to join this. Could I have the Netherlands?


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          Of course the Russian (me) and the Ottoman (even more so) probably have a lot less artillery than (say) England.

          I checked a map, and by this time Russia controls virtually all of Siberia except a tiny bit of Kamchatka (sp?) and the Amur-Vladivostok region near Manchuria.

          As of 1700 European powers had scattered posts all over Africa (especially the Gold Cost) but virtually no territory under control (and won't have much territoy in Africa until the 1880ish period)

          England control (as of 1763) of India is pretty much limited to the central third of the east coastline (under the control the the English East Indian Company).

          The Spanish have the Philippines (temporarily occupied by the English as part of the 7 Year War), the Dutch control roughly the north half of Java and Malacca in Malaysia.

          The Spanish have Gibralter. But the English have the city Tangier (NW africa) In Morocco the Spanish have the cities of Oran, Melilla, and Penon de Velez (and very very little territory). The Portugese have Ceuta (right across from Gib) and Mazagan (farther west).

          The Venetians have Crete.

          The Prussians don't have West Prussia, but they do have East Frisia which is right next to the Netherlands.

          Belize is called British Honduras (think they have it now)

          So basically the only non-American colonies of any size seem to be in India (and only a little of this, we're right before the conquest of Bengal), Java, the Philippines, and lots and lots of Russian Siberia
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            Hollands already taken... and Boshko, you might be surprised that even at this time Russia was renowned for her artillerists...
            even Napoleon was heard to bemoan the French gunners weren't like the Russian ones...


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              Are we only going to do the American colonies, or will Africa and Asia be included as well?


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                Polaris, I wanna hurt you...

                I am not complaining, I am just voicing my knowledge.

                So can we start a thread for like alliances and initial movements and stuff...

                Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
                Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
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                  I've got the fleet stats now:

                  10 heavy, 15 light, 5 privateers, 5 transports

                  7 heavy, 11 light, 8 privateers, 3 transport

                  6 heavy, 8 light, 3 privateers, 2 transport

                  4 heavy, 5 light, 2 privateers

                  3 heavy, 5 light, 1 privateer

                  3 heavy, 4 light, 1 privateer

                  4 heavy, 6 light

                  1 heavy, 2 light

                  3 heavy, 5 light

                  3 light

                  2 light

                  Ottoman Empire:
                  2 heavy, 5 light, 2 privateers

                  Prussia: 1 light


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                    BT, I do not fully understand those numbers/letters next to the troops?
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                      Oh, the commanders?

                      What those are:

                      Commander Name ability, charisma, agressiveness, rank

                      The ranks are only to be used if, say for instance, you have two armies attacking mine. The commander with the higher rank takes overall command, and will be the one used for combat calculations. An R > A >B >C....

                      Commanders can gain rank by winning battles.

                      Okay, sorry these rules have been postponed for so long, its just that I've had a bunch of crap come up, and my time has slipped away. It should end by this weekend, though.

                      I'm going to post the rules by then... and we can get started... feel free to start making alliances, deals, etc. with everyone else right now... there's no sense in sitting around doing nothing...


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                        I think Holland controlled Ceylon at the time as well...